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Bonefish in Belize

In this episode Henry is fishing for Bonefish in Belize. This small Central American state sits between Mexico, Guatamala and the Atlantic Ocean and is home to the second largest coral reef system in the world. Henry is staying on an atoll in the middle of this at the Turneffe resort, surrounded by crystal clear shallow flats. He can cruise these in the boat of local guide Winston "Pops" Cabral or wade in about a foot of water. Bonefish can be found on the flats just about all year round, they thrive on the lush ecosystem and love to eat the small crabs that live here, so it is with an imitation crab fly, tied by his buddy Cory Koenig that Henry has success. The Bonefish here can grow to around 8lbs in weight but the average is 3-4lbs and Henry has a great session with "Pops" catching a few of these, only interrupted when half of his largest fish of the day is grabbed by a predatory Barracuda. There are plenty of tips on reading the conditions, casting techniques and choosing the right fly as well as another excellent recipe fro Dr BBQ Ray Lampe, this time grilled skewered shrimp with orzo salad.

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