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Advanced Stillwater Tactics

from Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Series 2

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In the final episode, Tom meets up with Phil Rowley to uncover some advanced Stillwater techniques which he freely admits isn't his specialty. Firstly Phil discusses indicator fishing on stillwaters which requires a different thought process and leader set up to fish effectively. He demonstrates how to tie up his preferred indicator rig before showing us how he suspends his flies at the right depth. Roll casts are best to present the line as it tends to avoid tangles more than overhead casting techniques. Phil discusses how to cover water effectively and keep his flies in the strike zone before discussing Balanced Flies which hang horizontally under an indicator giving a more natural presentation. Phil then discusses straight line nymphing and shows Tom how he builds a long leader to cover the depth required. If imitative patterns aren't working, you'll need to try attractors and Phil takes us through Boobies, Blobs and FABS which originated in the UK and are now taking hold in the US and are lethal for Trout in stillwaters. Phil talks us through various dropper sets up which are invaluable when stillwater fishing, allowing yu to fish different patterns at different depths.


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