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4 Weeks of Daylight

Exclusive to Fishing TV, this fascinating film tells the story of a group of pioneering Salmon anglers who head into the Russian wilderness to scout 3 river systems that have not seen human presence for decades,  and assess their viability as destinations for fishing for Atlantic Salmon. On their journey, they encounter various challenges that come with being off grid for 4 weeks such as adverse weather, dangerous wildlife and cabin fever. The film is wonderfully shot, featuring some stunning cinematography and some exciting fishing sequences plus gives a fantastic insight into how a river can be mapped and assessed using modern technology and techniques.

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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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Salmon fishing at its best

1st April 2022

Another top class movie by Fly Fishing Nation giving an interesting impression of the whole process behind a fishing and scouting trip in the russian wilderness. Amazing scenery and a lot of fantastic fishing scenes included…


Taking Film-making & Location Scouting to the Next Level

30th March 2022

Fly Fishing Nation don’t do anything in half measures and if ever they have proved that, it shows in this film. First class filming, a brilliant crew, the most insane location and some of the best Atlantic Salmon fishing left on the planet – this is a must-watch.



29th March 2022

The quality of content is just outstanding – paired with a real high knowledge of what they are doing ! Keep it going !

Flyfisher Markus

Best one in a long time

29th March 2022

The FFN boys have always put some of the most action packed, adventure filled, modern fly fishing films out there. This video gets me stocked in so many ways to explore, fish, live! Keep it up gents!



14th February 2022

aspirational adventure hunting at its best


Dream destination

3rd January 2022

Wow. Exciting to watch this adventure unfold.

Jonathan Heise

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