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Reelin’ in the Keys 4

Capt George Clark Jnr brings us another series of Reelin in the Keys where he meets up with some of the top charter boat skippers in the Florida Keys who are guaranteed to bring the action. We also check in to the 2018 Hemmingway Tournament, one of the premier Marlin fishing tournaments in the world. There's plenty to enjoy here from fishing for deep water species like Tuna, Dorado and Marlin to some exciting action for shallow water Tarpon. George also enjoys an epic trip seeking out some of the big Permit that can be found in the Keys, one of the finest sport fish you can catch.
Captain George Clark Jr returns for another series of Reelin' in the Keys, kicking off an incredible season of fishing with a Cubera Snapper night-time session with Captain Kevin Jefferies. The waters around George’s home ground of Key Largo, Florida are one of the best places in the world to catch these beasts, often reaching in excess of 80 pounds. Such a beast requires a bait to match, so the crew are fishing with fully grown live lobsters! Such an expensive hook bait is a big risk, but as our captain soon finds out, it’s well worth the reward. Just a glimpse of things to come!
In this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, Captain George Clark Jr. once again joins Captain A.J. Stewart and the crew of Priority Charters, fishing for anything that will take a bait off the coast of Islamorada, Florida. After expertly casting nets for Ballyhoo to use as bait, the crew move to deeper waters where the variety of pelagic sport species hunt. Never a day’s fishing goes by in Florida without a few surprises, but no one predicted this prize catch. Soon after a topwater explosion, the tell tale pointed bill and gigantic dorsal fin breach the water as captain George finds himself attached to a mighty Floridian Sailfish.
This episode of Reelin’ in the Keys debuts a fabulous new host in the form of Misty Wells, as she joins Captain Jason Bell and friends aboard Sea Squared Charters to fish for all manner of shallow water species. Beginning hard up against a road bridge, the crew offer up some valuable tips on how to effectively chum the water when sea fishing. It certainly pays off, as Misty soon comes in contact with Black Grouper, Yellow Jack, Mutton Snapper and Mangrove Snapper, perfect fish to take back to the grill. Along the way, Jason talks about what it takes to be one of the best charter boat captains in the sunshine state.
Captain George Clark Jr. returns to the show this week to fish for big sport species with Captain Stan Miles from End Of The Line Charters, in another episode of Reelin’ in the Keys. The chosen method for fish of this size is fish with small live pilchards alongside the boat. Such methods may be effective in Florida, but they’re risky in these Shark infested waters and George is first to lose his prize to a monster of the deep. Nevertheless, with a little perseverance, the crew manage to bring Tuna, Dorado and Snapper to the boat, making for a hell of a day on the water.
In this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, Captain George Clark Jr. joins Captain Jason Long of Best Bet Charters to fish for big Florida Dorado and Tuna. The duo set off from Key Colony Beach in the Middle Keys where just offshore, massive underwater structures play host to huge quantities of sporting species. The crew kick off the session by trolling lures behind the boat and quickly locate a school of feisty Dorado. After locating the feeding grounds, they switch to live baiting methods and have a field day catching incredible Blackfin Tuna. This is classic Florida fishing.
Reelin’ in the Keys once again follows the Hemingway Challenge in 2017, as Howard Livingston takes a look at the people taking part in this historic event and the prize Marlin they’re chasing. One of the biggest and most historic fishing events in the world, The Hemingway Challenge pays tribute to the man himself and the incredible species that made his book and the area so famous. Charter boats stuffed with expert anglers haul out Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, King Mackerel and more throughout the multiple day competition, culminating in a good old fashioned Florida cookout on the shore. This show celebrates the fishing community that keeps the Keys alive and thriving as a frontrunner in the world of sport fishing.
In this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, Captain George Clark Jr. joins Captain Scotty Feltman aboard the Floridian charter boat, searching for all kinds of species in the sport fishing capital of the world. Juts offshore from Islamorada, the Sailfish have been pushing schools of bait fish to the surface, where aggressive predators have come on the feed. After casting nets for live baits, George and Scotty replicate this phenomenon with a technique known as the umbrella method, which quickly brings Snapper, Runner and Barracuda to the boat. A common occurrence on Reelin’ in the Keys, George soon loses his fish to the local Sharks, but ultimately manages to land a prize Dorado to cap off this incredible day on the water.
Captain George Clark Jr. sets sail from his home ground of Key West, Florida in this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, as he joins Captain Lee Kerbel aboard Boo-ya Charters in search of Tuna, Grouper and Sailfish. After the Sharks prove too smart to land a fish in one piece, Lee breaks out a sneaky trick that most anglers would consider ridiculous…kite fishing! By sending out a kite into the air behind the boat, a live bait can be suspended in one place at a massive distance down tide. After great success with smaller species like Red Grouper and Blackfin Tuna using this method, George spots an opportunity for undeniably the ultimate prize in sport fishing, the Florida Sailfish.
In this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, Captain George Clark Jr. switches it up and attempts to catch shallow water Tarpon with Captain Ben Ekblom. Just out from Islamorada in the upper Keys, Ben uses dead bait tactics to hunt down these silver giants so prized by sport fisherman worldwide. Things get a little cramped on the tiny vessel as the pair get stuck into some baby Blacktip Shark and Grouper, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse when George finally hooks into a beast of a Tarpon. However, as any Tarpon fisher knows, landing these beauties is even harder than hooking them…
Reelin’ in the Keys is back onboard with the world-famous Hemingway challenge! Every year, hundreds of the sunshine states best sport anglers flock to the port of Key West, Florida to embark on a competition spanning several days. The year is 2018 and in Honour of the famous man, dozens of teams head out in search of all manner of sporting species, but the main prize is of course the mighty Marlin. Nevertheless, Dorado, Mackerel, Tuna and Sailfish also make a showing on the scoreboard, some of which reach legendary proportions.
In this episode of Reelin’ in the Keys, Captain George Clark Jr. joins Captain Bob Beighley on a Permit fishing trip to the beautiful lower keys of Key West, Florida. The Sun in shining and the water is clear, which happen to be the perfect conditions for the day’s endeavour. The waters close to shore in Key west are extremely shallow, but still play host to very big sporting species. The boys begin looking for Permit, but instead find a boiling pool of massive tarpon breaking the surface that prove too tempting to pass up. Eventually the target species make an appearance and with a change of tactics our host soon hooks into a true specimen. Permit always fight hard, but in two feet of water, landing them is no easy task.


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