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Fishing with Ladin Series 4

Hosts, Ladin and Steve return for another adventure filled series of Fishing with Ladin and seeking out some of the best water in the North West. Kicking off in Bozeman, Montana they enjoy some fantastic dry fly sport before we see them back in their beloved British Columbia seeking out the fantastic Cutthroat Trout to be found in many of the streams and rivers there. They also return to Hegben Lake, one of the best stillwaters in Montana and enjoy some excellent sport for the hard fighting Rainbow Trout there. There's a real variety of techniques and styles here as we see the guys fish through the Spring, Summer and Fall and plenty for anglers to learn from this pair.
In this episode of Fishing With Ladin, Ladin Langeman and trusty co-host Steve Ronholt head for stunning British Columbia, casting dry flies for big Bull River Cutthroat. A tributary of the famous Kootenay, the Bull River is home to not only beautiful Trout, but postcard worthy Canadian wilderness. After some serious bush-wackin’, the duo tie on big, terrestrial dry flies, which always make for explosive takes. Despite great success, Ladin decides to change the approach for something a little smaller, which results in some unexpected huge bull river Cutty’s. Clear blue water, mountain backdrops and hungry wild trout, this is fly fishing at its best.
In this episode of Fishing With Ladin, host Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt cap off an interesting fishing trip with some nymphing for big Brown Trout on Montana’s Beaver River. It’s a cold and windy May in Montana and the previous days fishing have proven difficult. Nevertheless, friend and local expert Larry Hardie is on hand to put our hosts onto some hungry Browns. The Beaver isn’t a typical fly stream. The deep runs and boulders call for a different technique, so the boys run heavy nymphs beneath weights and indicators over the deep holes. The technique, known as euro-nymphing, is less popular in the states, but as the group soon prove, it’s deadly effective in these deep currents. Despite regular interruptions from nuisance whitefish, Larry eventually kicks off the session with the trophy Trout they’ve travelled all this way to catch.
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt return to British Columbia in October in this episode of Fishing With Ladin, in search of pristine Canadian Cutthroat Trout on the Elk River in British Columbia. Steve and Ladin are greeted with a heavy rise of fish when they arrive to the first pool, so they match the hatch and try for fish on the top. The tiny imitation patterns make for a difficult hook-up, but after some frustrating losses the fish eventually make it to the bank. Steve takes to time to cover the intricacies of his ultralight setup needed to catch these clear water fish, and soon after the camera catches one of the best monster Cutthroat takes you’ll ever see.
Hosts Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt are in Bozeman, Montana in this episode of Fishing With Ladin, catching big Brown and Rainbow Trout on the fly. It’s mid-September, the hatches are in full swing, and the Trout are feeding hard. Once again, Larry Hardie is on the bank to lend a hand, and he suggests fishing nymphs in the deeper runs. After starting with a more natural approach, Steve decides to add a streamer to the team of flies to target the real monsters. As the day progresses, the boys quickly discover that the fish in Bozeman, Montana are far bigger than they once thought.
In this episode of Fishing With Ladin, host Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt are fishing Big Wood River in Idaho, trying their luck on the fly for cold water Rainbow Trout. It’s March, which means the snow is still on the ground this far north in Sun Valley, but when it comes to Rainbow’s that’s not a problem. Top catcher Larry Hardie is once again on hand, and he suggests a deep-water approach. The team trot weighted nymphs beneath indicators along the far side structure, which quickly proves a deadly method. With fat winter Trout coming thick and fast to the bank, it’s no wonder our hosts would brave the cold to fish the Big Wood.
In this episode of Fishing with Ladin, host Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt travel out to British Columbia, Canada in search of back country Cutthroat Trout on the Wigwam River. The Hike out is nothing short of stunning, but especially dangerous. The reward however is certainly worth it. The clear blue water and jutting boulders are the perfect habitat for these Trout, especially when the flies are hatching. Casting dry flies into the deep pockets, Ladin and Steve’s catches just get bigger and bigger, but as they soon discover, they’re not the only ones in the river trying to catch…
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt are out in search of Rainbow Trout in this episode of Fishing With Ladin, as they travel to Hebden Lake in Montana. Setting out from Rainbow Point, they jump aboard their tiny inflatable boats to cover water on the vast lake. Where most big water Trout fishers would opt for big colourful streamer patterns, Steve and Ladin keep it traditional and match the hatch with imitation nymph patters. The boys may have come to Hebden Lake for a relaxing day of fishing, but they’ve ended up with a backbreaking workout, as a friendly competition breaks out when the Trout begin to feed.
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt head for the Spokane River in this episode of Fishing With Ladin, casting streamers and dries for Rainbow Trout, along with a few surprises. It’s May, and the state of Washington is beginning to see some good hatches. Setting up in a pool below the falls, Steve and Ladin begin fishing streamers with sink tips in the faster water. After a few plump Rainbows, Ladin suddenly hooks into a bonus Smallmouth Bass of epic proportions. As if it couldn’t get any better, as the sun begins to drop, the flies start to hatch, and our hosts get a chance at that holy grail evening dry fly session.
Host Ladin Langeman is once again joined by fisherman friend Larry Hardie for this episode of Fishing With Ladin, as they fish for stunning Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout in sunny Montana. July in Montana looks like a fisherman’s dream, especially on small, clear streams like this one. Ladin and Larry select a deeper pool and fish teams of nymphs below and indicator. Although a popular modern technique, Larry teaches the proper way to fish with indicators, and quickly proves how effective they can really be. Countless Trout make their way to the bank as our hosts enjoy a picture-perfect Trout session.


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