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West Coast Explorer

The 2nd season of Pure Fly New Zealand kicks off in real style as best mates and fly fishing guides, Jeff Forsee and Ronan Creane show us what the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island has to offer. Sandwiched between the Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea, the West Coast is a relatively thin strip of land but it has holds a myriad of rivers, lakes and creeks and it is here that the Brown Trout dominates. After camping overnight, the guys decide to start their adventure on a nearby lake, taking to a boat and manouevering it close to the shoreline. Ronan fishes first and it isn't long before he sees a beautiful brown feeding in the margins and quickly hooks up. Liking the look of the area, they decide to bank fish, stalking fish close to the shore and taking turns to target them. Working as a team like this really pays dividends in this environment and it isn't long before they have two good fish netted, one after another. After a good night's sleep, the guys decide to try a nearby river and Jeff soon finds a really good fish cruising in a backwater but despite some follows, it just won't take. Jeff decides to try the main river, when the drone cameraman tells him of 2 big trout he's spotted, and its an opportunity that he just can't refuse. So thanks to modern technology, a stunning aerial film sequence of the trout taking his streamer ensues and a huge brown trout is landed after a strong fight. Next its Ronan's turn and at the head of the next pool, they spot another big trout actively feeding in the current. Can Ronan get on the scoreboard today? This is turning into a red letter day and they find fish after fish as they move up river and we see why the fly fishing on New Zealand's West Coast is just so revered. To watch login or join

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