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Welcome to Iceland

Meet Jan, Jonas and Lukas Borinski, three German brothers with a passion for fishing and filmmaking. Jan's the eldest, and works in Swedish Lapland, where they do most of their fishing; Jonas is the filmmaker; and Lukas - the youngest - is a musician: all tattoos, piercings and cigarettes, he lend the group an air of rock n' roll. These guys are the next generation of fly fishermen. They've been sharing videos of their Lapland trips for a while. As their online following grew they started filming further afield, and Welcome to Iceland represents their first foray to the land of fire and ice. Germany has an unsual catch and release policy - it's illegal to return fish over a certain size - so the boys are keen to find out about how Iceland is working to preserve their amazing fishing grounds. Along the way they meet a 25-year-old citizen scientist who is carrying out pioneering work on a single trout stream, to study the effects of catch and release. And of course the Brothers on the Fly fish in some amazing locations, catching sea-run arctic char, wild brown trout and salmon.

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Rated 5 out of 5
4th October 2022

Really enjoyed it no bad language, Great info for catch and release


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