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Trout Grass

This is a remastered version of Trout Grass, a fascinating documentary that charts the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, Trout Grass captures the allure of craftsmanship, and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish. We follow, master rod builder Hoagy B. Carmichael from his home in Montana, to the mystical bamboo forests of China which have supplied him his raw material for over 40 years. Some fly anglers are devoted to bamboo, preferring it to modern day materials like carbon fibre and we learn why it has such a following and why anglers feel more connected to rivers when fishing with these special rods. In China we see how a bamboo importer has to sort through thousands of poles find the right ones for fly rods, whilst in Montana we see how master builder, Glenn Bracket constructs one of these revered rods. Trout Grass is a fantastic fly fishing documentary and a must watch for anyone interested in split cane bamboo fly rods. To watch just login or join  

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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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18th January 2022

Very informative and wonderfully produced

Mark E Lyons


27th August 2020

Great insight in the process of making a split cane rod. Frome source to sea, so to speak.


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