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Tongariro Trout

The Tongariro in New Zealand's North Island, is a world reknowned fly fishing mecca for Brown and Rainbow Trout and the spawning run in Winter when the fish leave Lake Taupo and run it, one of the prime times to fish it. This fishery used to produce fish of huge proportions but declined for several years in the early 2000's when the average fish size dropped significantly. The fishery has made resurgence in recent years so the Pure Fly team decided to give it a try. New Zealand's only registered female fly fishing guide, Hannah Clement leads this expedition with her partner Tom Hodge. who have driven up from the South Island to sample the fishing. The conditions aren't great as recent rains have coloured the water so they enlist the help of local guide, Andrew Burden who fishes the Tongariro every few days. But despite trying, the river just keeps on rising so they need to write off the day and wait for the river to drop. Overnight, it drops a metre and Hannah gets into a fish immediately the next morning using a Chautreuse Glo Bug under an indicator set up. The river is now full of fresh run rainbow trout that have run with the flood conditions and will attack anything drifted past them so he guys enjoy a fruitful session although Tom is certainly being outfished by Hannah. Day 3 and the river has dropped further so the team decide to head upstream and meet another local guide, Mike Kirkpatrick. As they reach Mike, they see he is already into a fish so things look hopeful for another good day. Hannah immediately lands a nice rainbow followed by a stunning brown trout and the team really show what a fantastic fly fishery for trout the Tongariro is. To watch just login or join

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