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The Art of Angling

from Simon McCabe’s Banklife Adventures

Simon finds an old pencil drawing of a Common Carp that was given to him on his wedding day and he thought was lost. It triggers memories of an old friend and he takes a trip to Devon, to Emperor Lakes near Kingsbridge. He's joined for 2 days fishing on this stunning syndicate water with new friend, Frank Warwick and his son Guy who has followed in his father's footsteps and become quite a carp angler himself. Guy had caught a fish the evening before Simon arrived and shows off a proper scaly Mirror Carp that he'd found. Simon meets up with the lake's owner, David Lidstone and talks about the lake's history and his philosophy for managing the water since he took over. Frank then shows Simon how he makes one of his go to rigs which is easy to put together and also deadly. Simon spends some time with Guy and talks to him about his angling journey which was kind of inevitable with such an illustrious father. Guy takes Simon down to an intimate corner of the lake that he's been baiting up and as they stealthily approach, Guy thinks there are fish here so allows Simon the chance to have a go at them. With a delicate little underarm cast Simon hits the spot and it isn't long before his line shoots off and all hell breaks loose. Its a small fish but beautifully proportioned and in perfect nick. Early in the morning and Frank shows his class by landing a stunning 40lber which is over 40 years old and a real warrior of a Carp. With the fishing done, Simon meets up with an old friend Tobes, and his Dad, Micky Loates who inspired Simon to start fishing as well as become a naturalist and artist.


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