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Striped Bass

Striped Bass are a fantastic species to catch on the fly, being big, aggressive and residing in a variety of habitats through the year. They can be caught from boats out in open water and also in shallow water next to the shore making them a very accessible fish to target. Predominantly found on the East Coast, they are a migratory fish which winter and spawn in large brackish estuaries like the Hudson and Chesapeake Bay before moving Northwards to the Summer feeding grounds. Feeding on baitfish, squid and crabs, Stripers can be caught throughout the day and night with the best conditions dependent largely on tides. Tom shows us the best places to find Striped Bass in various conditions and around certain features, plus the telltale signs that give away their positions. Tom takes to the boat and catches a big Striper, and demonstrates the best way to fight and land one. He then talks us through the kind of rods and lines you'll need plus some killer fly patterns to try. This is a fantastic episode for anyone interested in starting to fly fish for Stripers plus there's plenty of advanced info for those of you who already have the Striper bug.

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