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Steelhead & Salmon

In Steelhead and Salmon host Tom Rosenbauer teaches the basics of fly fishing for these migratory species, generally regarded as the ultimate river trophy fish to catch on the fly. North America is home to a variety of large, migratory species. On the east coast it is predominantly the Atlantic Salmon but on the Pacific West coast, there are Coho, Chinook, Pink, Chum and Sockeye Salmon as well as the Steelhead which is a member of the trout family. All migrate at different times and require slightly different techniques, so provide a huge range of opportunities to the fly angler. Similar to river Trout these migratory species will hold up at various points along a river, but unlike Trout they are not feeding, they are just taking a break on their epic journey to their spawning grounds. Tom advises on how to find the fish, rod, reel, line and fly selection and casting strategy. And just to show how easy it is (if you're good) Orvis instructor Pete Kutzer shows 4 of the basic casts using a double handed Spey rod.

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