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River Mooi Fly Fishing

from WildFly

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With the stunning backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains, sits Kamberg Valley and the River Mooi which is well known for it excellent fly fishing for brown trout. The landscape is stunning and you could be mistaken for thinking you're in Scotland or Ireland which is probably why this river was chosen by John Parker as a suitable location to originally stock Brown Trout ova way back in 1893 and they've been thriving here ever since. With recent rain to flush the river out, Gareth and Rhuan make their way up river looking for some likely spots but the river is still carrying a little colour and they're unable to spot fish so decide to start with streamers and wet flies and searching tactics. Gareth soon finds some stunning little trout that eagerly take his streamers but Rhuan is after some of the bigger fish river is known for so they head into the lower reaches and start again in a tailwater area. Conditions are perfect with overcast skies and plenty of insect life and Rhuan is soon into a good fish. In 2012 the Mooi River was impounded creating Spring Grove Dam into which Bass and Rainbow Trout were introduced creating even more fly fishing opportunities in this area. So the following day Rhuan and Gareth decide to give it a try and focus on the shallows that have recently been flooded with the rain hoping the trout will have moved out of the deeper water to feed in these new flats. They have an epic fly fishing session catching several hard hard fighting rainbows in glorious Kwazulu-Natal sunshine. To watch just login or register


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