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Macmillan vs Russell – blooper reel

Everyone involved in Carp Wars is a consummate professional... naturally, but that doesn't mean everyone takes it seriously all the time...

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A gruelling 24 hours for the two Ians (or Iains, if you prefer) and the two good friends review a frustrating match and try to work out what made it so tricky.
In this episode of Carp Wars Extra Iain Macmillan and Steven Coe take the weight off after another gruelling round of Carp Wars to mull over the previous 24 hours of fishing at Stanwick Lakes...
You’d think that watching the superstars of the Carp Wars 2 making fools of themselves would get old, but somehow every blooper reel that comes along is just as funny as the first. Perhaps the...
After another tense 24 hour battle in the rapidly hotting up Carp Wars, Dave (and Padwah) and Iain can relax at last, and reflect on the struggle just finished. Have they developed a fued, or is it...
The terrible twosome – Iain ‘Ting Tong’ Macmillan and Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris – return for the third episode of the DNA Open Access Series, this time from Mallard Lake on the Stanwick...
Two of the UK’s finest carp anglers… apparently. Why does Ian always insist on taking his trousers down? Very odd, if you ask us!
After yet another gruelling Carp Wars head-to-head has come to an end, Dave ‘The General’ Levy and Ian Russell let bygones be bygones (perhaps!) and discuss what might have gone...
Another week, another load of outtakes from the so-called ‘professional carp anglers’ in Carp Wars 2. This time the clowns are Dave ‘The General’ Levy and Lee...
This installment of Carp Wars Extra sees the two anglers, Ian Russell and Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris pick over the previous nailbiting 24 hours. Will Lee ever recover from the ordeal? What did Ian...
What is the deal with Carp Wars stars and being children in front of the camera? This time its Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris and Ian Russell acting the goat. At least they both keep their trousers on...


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