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Mackerel Islands 1

from Fishing Western Australia 10

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Nick Hocking and Lisa Sharp are heading out to the Mackerel Islands, which comprises 10 island atolls some 22km offshore from Oslow on mainland Australia. They arrive in the evening and after a pleasant night's sleep in a beachside cabin, they head out to Rosily Cay a renowned fishing spot. There's plenty of options for fishing in the islands, with lots of big pelagic species and its Lisa who get's things started by hooking into a strong Queenfish. Its a real specimen Queenie, and Nick thinks its the biggest he's ever seen so this is an unbelievable start to the trip. Nick then gets into a big meter long one himself on a popper and can see plenty of others in the crystal clear water. They decide to move location and Nick's first cast with the popper draws an explosive hit followed by a strong fight from a big Gold Spot Trevally. Lisa is in next but her fish gets hit by a Shark, which would normally be game over however she manages to hook the Shark up and has a back breaking fight before finally bringing the Bronze Whaler to the boat. Keen to catch a Mackerel but plagued by the numerous sharks, Nick tries a different tactic, using a dead Garfish as bait and twitching it over the surface behind the boat. The tactic works and Nick bullies the Mackerel to the boat quickly to avoid the sharks. Its been an incredible first day in the Mackerel Islands, but can Lisa pull a Mackerel out too past the Shark gauntlet?


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