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James Murray

In this episode, Robson is joined by fellow actor and mad keen fly angler, James Murray, who is also new to fishing in Iceland. They are permitted a few casts on the renowned River Midfjardara where James catches his first Icelandic salmon, before moving to the world famous, Laxa-a-Asum, regarded by many as the best salmon river in Iceland. James starts on the Home Pool and is quickly into a fish, before they move up river where Robson starts fishing with guide, Sturla Birgisson. The water on this river is fast and shallow and fishing the hitch is the order of the day which makes for exciting takes and hard battles and it isn't long before Robson gets just that. With nowhere to hide, the fish runs downstream and Robson has to follow, finally landing the fish nearly 1/2 mile away. They then move to 'Clapton's Pool', named after Eric Clapton as its his favourite pool on the river. Guidem Sturla shows James the Old Sock fly that he'll be using and explains how the name of the fly and one of of Eric's albums came to be. Robson and James both recount how they met each other and why they've become such firm friends with their friendship cemented through fishing. James loses a couple of fish by playing them too hard before landing a nice Grilse. Next up its Robson and he hooks into a strong fish which takes him downstream before taking him around a rock and leaving Robson in tears. With fish in every pool in agressive mood, Robson and James continue to enjoy an epic fishing session, one that they will never forget or probably ever surpass. To watch just login or join

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