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Insect hatches provide the best times to catch Trout and in this episode Tom teaches us how to identify flies and how to imitate and present them to the fish. Aquatic flies fall into 4 main groups namely, Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddis Flies and Midges and its important to be able to recognize these. Trout will feed on these in all of their life stages and are often fixated on a particular stage. Tom talks us through the various life stages of these insects and how the Trout intercept them. At the beginning of a hatch the Trout will intercept the nymphs but as the hatch intensifies, Trout will feed at all levels of the water column and often feeding on the emerging insects as they become trapped in the surface film. Tom shows us the various rise forms and how they can reveal what type of insect the fish are taking and at what stage. A perfect representation isn't generally needed but the size and profile of the imitation can be crucial. Tom talks us through how to present dry flies and emergers before Pete Kutcher shows us the Reach cast which is an ideal cast to present a drag free drift.

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