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Going Soft for Largemouth Bass

from Fisherman’s Handbook – Series 2

Wade Middleton and Jeff Reynolds get together for another friendly battle, this time using soft lures for Largemouth Bass. They are on Choke Canyon Reservoir, Texas in early Spring, the water is very high and the lake has recently flooded, so the guys find themselves cruising through a lot of submerged vegetation. The Bass are pushed up shallow looking to spawn, so the guys are trying to find and fish a distinctive feature such as the bank of the lake or a submerged track. They quickly find a pattern that works, casting a Trick Stick large soft rubber worm. Jeff talks us through a few ways he likes to set this up and get it moving in the water. Later in the year they are out together again fishing close to the dam wall on a larger lake, this time Jeff has success on another large soft rubber lure the Tour Swim Worm, which is designed to swim effortlessly through shallow grass, he shows that by changing the weight, you can control the retrieve speed.

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