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Giants Among Us

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Giants Among Us tells the story of a great Canadian, Rick Hansen, and his dedication to saving the White Sturgeon of BC's Fraser River. Acipenser Transmontanus, “Sturgeon beyond the mountains”, the White Sturgeon is no ordinary fish. With an armour plated body resembling a large shark, it can reach twenty feet in length and live up to 150 years. A prehistoric relic of the dinosaur age, their species has survived for millions of years. Now, in a timeframe of less than its own lifespan the Sturgeon has been designated a species at risk. Global warming, habitat loss, over fishing and pollution have all played a part in the Sturgeon’s struggle for existence. This rare giant is now in urgent need of help and it may happen that just the right man is on the way. Rick Hansen's incredible journey and accomplishments are now known throughout the world. His contribution to spinal cord research, immeasurable. Certain aspects of his life, however, are much less well known. It is here that two seemingly unrelated stories connect. Rick is the co - founder and honorary chair of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. Perhaps the many fishing trips with his father and grandfather are part of this story. The childhood thrill of catching a Sturgeon an indelible memory. Unbelievably, a Sturgeon that lives in the Fraser River today could have been born in 1867, the birth of our country! It would be 90 years old in 1957, the year of Rick Hansen's birth. Canada’s centennial in 1967 was a shared 100th birthday for our great nation and this incredible fish. Today, at almost 148 years old, that same Sturgeon swims silently in the murky depths of the Fraser. Drifting in a small boat from almost 50 feet above, Rick Hansen knows his old friend is down there, and wants to help.


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