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Fun at Fredricks Reef

from Big Fish Big Adventure

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Captain James McVeigh and the crew on the Big Cat Reality continue their huge 14 day adventure out into the Coral Sea chasing big fish. The guests head off for one more morning at Kenn Reef before they need to head west to Fredricks Reef. Dan and Richard, two paying guests aboard the Big Cat head out into and decide to jump onto one of the small local sand cays to try their hands at a bit of beach style flats fishing and to do a bit of exploring around the obvious ship wrecks and local wildlife. As the tide drops the boys decide to head out into the shallows to chase some Giant Trevally. What follows is an epic session of GT fishing as the boys land a number of quite large Giant Trevally. As the day progresses the crew get the Big Cat ready to head west to Fredricks Reef but not before they take a small surprise detour for the guests to a special place called Coulder Bank. Coulder Bank is a remote un-fished sea mount rumoured to hold a large number of Dog Tooth Tuna and Wahoo. The next day beings with the boat pushing up to Coulder Bank as some of the guests hook up to some passing Yellow Fin Tuna. That kick starts what is a full on morning chasing Yellowfin Kingfish and Wahoo. The boys can’t seem to find the illusive Dogtooth Tuna that are rumoured to lurk in these waters, but that doesn’t stop them from having a great day fishing before they push on further to Fredrick Reef. After another night steaming the guests arrive at Fredrick Reef for the last half of their expedition. Fredrick Reef has not been fished in quite along time that’s why the YTK Addicts choose Fredricks, its a beautiful, remote, un-fished group of coral cays that definitely seem to produce the goods. Dan, Greg and Scotty head out to the back of the reef to pop for GT and Coral Trout, the boys have a cracker morning reeling in some stunning fish and getting some great photos. While the crew are back on the mothership resetting for their time at Fredrick Reef another group of guests are out on the Northern side of the reef chasing a flock of birds in hopes there are some big fish to follow. As the boys trawl through the large bait ball they hook up, and Paulie gets onto his first ever Sailfish, and after an amazing fight the fish is safely landed and released but not with out a couple photos and a few yahoos. Meanwhile the crew have a little surprise in stall, Captain James has organised a bit of crew training, a man overboard drill to finish off the day. The drill, although seems hectic and has a lot of moving parts goes off with out a hitch and the crew and tick that manoeuvre off off their bucket list. The crew then head back to anchor and get ready for the guests to come back from their first day of fishing at Fredrick Reef with stories to tell and thirst to quench


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