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Chatham Islands

from Pure Fly NZ Series 4

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The Pure Fly New Zealand crew try to make history in this episode, as they head for the remote Chatham Islands in search of new fly fishing sport. This small, storm battered piece of land off the coast of Northern New Zealand has never been fished with a fly rod, so avid saltwater fluff chucker Jeff Forsee and producer Nick Reygaert are casting into the unknown. The tiny 600-man population has created a pristine marine environment, filled with fish species seldom caught with a fly rod. Jeff begins catching some small Wrasse and Kahawai from amongst the surf, but the bigger species elude him for the next few days. On the last session, he and Nick spot their dream species sitting beneath one of the docks; the illusive Blue Moki. After Nick gets snapped off by a monster, both men finally land their biggest, and perhaps the first ever fly caught Moki’s!


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