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Canal Trout Fishing Part 2

We're back on the Canals in this episode as the Anto and Charles are seeking a real monster trout. Charles who fishes here regularly has had trout on spinners up to 37lb and a has fly caught 32lb Brown Trout to his name which is just staggering. The pair start the day walking along the bank spotting huge Brown Trout and trying to tempt them. Its exciting fishing but it certainly isn't easy and one bad cast or visible angler movement and the chance is gone. There are a lot of fish here but the guys are finding it very tough so they move again to a new spot. Again they find a good area with fish rising and taunting them so they carry on but as the light fades, they lose visibilty in the water so decide to take a break until dark when they'll try again. In total darkness, they need to use UV flies and start by charging them up with torchlight. Finally Charles gets a take and lands a decent rainbow on his UV Doll fly. Abandoning the night session, they make an early start and its a cold but stunning morning as they start fishing again.  Anto fishes a sinking line and lands a nice rainbow to end his trip. So the trip is over and Anto returns home but a few hours after he leaves, Charles finally shows what Canal trout fishing is all about and lands a leviathan 30lb Rainbow Trout. Yep, I'll say that again 30lb! To watch just login or join

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