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Buoy 10 Salmon

Opening day of the Salmon season on Buoy 10 fishery, Astoria, at the mouth of the Columbia River, is one of the most exciting days of the year and certainly one of host Cody Herman's red letter days. A million Chinook and Coho will pass through over the next month and it's almost impossible not to catch. This year there is a fairly strong ebb tide so Cody finds a shallow spot and trolls with the current. He and buddies Jarod Higginbotham and Marty Carlson are fishing 2 rods each, so create as big a spread off the boat as possible. They're using an anchovy deadbait combined with spinners and bright feathered lures. But it seems that the tide is not behaving itself and the algae bloom is bigger than it should be.... surely they are not going to blank? To watch this video now, go to Fishing TV and register. Click here

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