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Beaverhead River Montana, May

In this episode of Fishing With Ladin, host Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt cap off an interesting fishing trip with some nymphing for big Brown Trout on Montana’s Beaver River. It’s a cold and windy May in Montana and the previous days fishing have proven difficult. Nevertheless, friend and local expert Larry Hardie is on hand to put our hosts onto some hungry Browns. The Beaver isn’t a typical fly stream. The deep runs and boulders call for a different technique, so the boys run heavy nymphs beneath weights and indicators over the deep holes. The technique, known as euro-nymphing, is less popular in the states, but as the group soon prove, it’s deadly effective in these deep currents. Despite regular interruptions from nuisance whitefish, Larry eventually kicks off the session with the trophy Trout they’ve travelled all this way to catch.

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