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Massive Perth Samsonfish

from Perth Fishing TV

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Late Spring and early Summer are prime jigging times in Perth and especially for the mighty Samsonfish which present a formidable challenge due to their size and power. After arriving at their chosen spot, the skipper, Mark, points out a group of fish lying near the bottom on his amazing 3D Sonar display. Nick then shows us the Albright Knot which he favours to connect braid to mono before dropping his 300g jig 112m down to the bottom. Almost instantly, Nick has a fish on and a back breaking fight ensues with one of the toughest fish you can find. Its a chunky 20kg and is quickly released as there are more down there and almost certainly much bigger ones. Mark joins in too and in less than a few seconds, its a double hook up and the mayhem begins with both anglers trying to keep their fish from entangling each other. Nick gets his fish in and its a 25kg specimen, but Mark is still fighting his and its obviously bigger. Finally getting it in, Nick is flabbergasted to see the biggest Samsonfish he's ever seen which they estimate at over 50kg. More monstrous fish follow and you can be certain Nick and Mark will sleep well tonight.


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