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The Fish & The Fly


For many the art of tying flies is an integral part of fly fishing, while for others it is enough to wonder at the skill of those who tie flies, and we're quite happy to part with a little cash in exchange for the fruits of their labours.

In this eight part series we join Danish fly fishing expert Morten Oeland as he fishes waters around the world, and learn his perferred flies and how to tie them. Underwater cameras take us beneath the surface to give us a fish's eye view of the flies and an insight into the behaviour of the fish.

The series covers dry flies, nymphs, terrestrials and streamers, and Morten's skill as a fisherman and flytyer shine through as he takes us through his preferred techniques and shares his knowledge.

This is a movie about fishing the dry fly. We join Morten Oeland on a number of trips to different waters in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland. We take a close look as he finds the insects the trout are feeding on, and when he chooses the right imitation in every situation. With underwater cameras we go beneath the surface for a closer look at fish, flies and insects from a brand new perspective. The recordings for this film have taken several years to complete. The movie is instructive, inspiring and well filmed with lots of good spirits, fishing action and great catches.    
This is an accompanying film to Fish and The Fly 1 - Dry Flies where Morten Oeland shows us how to tie the flies he uses in the main film. Morten is known as an innovative and expert fly tier and shows us a great selection of dry fly patterns to try.
In this movie we cover in detail many different challenges the flyfisher faces. We have travelled to amazing rivers and lakes to find the best conditions to demonstrate nymph fishing. We join Morten Oeland as he demonstrates how to handle many different situations. We take a detailed look at the naturals and Morten shows us practical fishing with his best imitations. As in the previous movie we have placed underwater cameras in the areas as we fish and thereby gained a unique insight into the behavior of the fish. The movie is a journey into the magic world of flyfishing, with great fish and intense sceneries. A combination of excitement, experiences, the joy of flyfishing and facts about fish and flies.  
Morten Oeland is a highly recognised fly tier, and in this flytying movie he demonstrates creative and innovative techniques to a high level. All the flies are from the movie The Fish & The Fly 2 Nymphs  
This is dry fly fishing at its best. Terrestrials are land based insects – grasshoppers, beetles, Daddy Long Legs etc. Imitations of these insects are natural additions to any flybox and Morten Oeland shows why. We join him as he uses his fantastic imitations on a number of fishing trips in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland. We follow him as he chooses his fly, tactic and fishing technique in every situation. The film is packed with fact and information about fishing the terrestrial. This is an instructive movie, which is also full of great moments and exciting fishing situations. Morten catches lots of beautiful fish in amazing surrouding. A film of the same high standards as the previous movies in this series.  
Morten is a skilled and experienced flytier. This is about tying the fiies he is using in The Fish & Fly 3 Terrestrials. He shows step by step how he ties his original, simple and highly innovative flies.  
Again we join Morten Oeland on fishing trips in different locations. We fish in high mountain lakes and saltwater along the open shore, studying streamers and surface flies. We see the prey the streamers imitate and the different techniques Morten uses when fishing the flies. Underwater cameras have provided stunning photography of trout taking the streamers and they have documented the trout’s reactions to the streamers. This is a movie you have to watch over and over again. It is very instructive, showing new techniques, but is also a movie with beautiful scenery, fishing action and big trout.  
The movie is about streamers and surface flies. We see the prey that the streamers imitate and the different techniques Morten uses when fishing the flies. We see trout taking the streamers. Up close and under water! All the flies are from the movie The Fish & The Fly 4 Streamers.  


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