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The Dimestore Fishermen

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OIn this their 20th Anniversary year, host Jim Hoey and the Dimestore Fishermen team travel the length and breadth of Canada, visiting some of their favourite fishing communities and destinations. Jim obviously enjoys learning about the people he fishes with, as well as getting the low down on the lakes and rivers they hold dear to their hearts. And across Canada there is a wide variety of fishing to be had, from ice fishing for Walleye on Tobin Lake in winter, to dry fly fishing in the beautiful Kootenay Rockies for Cutthroat Trout. There are also some monsters to be found on the bigger waters, including Chinook Salmon off the coast of British Columbia and a giant Wild White Sturgeon in the Fraser River. Jim is a very proud Canadian and takes great delight in showcasing all the great fishing his great nation has to offer.

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In this, the 20th anniversary series of the Dimestore Fishermen, host Jim Hoey has travelled the length and breadth of Canada celebrating the diverse range of fishing to be found and especially enjoying the company of all the local experts and guides that he has fished with. Here is a selection of the highlights from the series, featuring some of the nicest people he's come across, some of the most scenic locations he's visited and of course some of the biggest and most hard fighting fish he's caught. The highlights include bottom bouncing for Walleye on Slave Lake Alberta, catching a marvellous Lake Trout at Flin Flon, Minatoba, trolling for Sturgeon on the famous Fraser River, the Striped Bass at Dalhousie, New Brunswick and ice fishing for monster Walleye on Tobin Lake. To watch Dimestore Fishermen Series Highlights now, just login or register
In Slave Lake Walleye, host Jim Hoey heads to the small town of Slave Lake, situated at the eastern end of Lesser Slave Lake in his home state of Alberta. This large lake is known for its Walleye and that's what Jim is targeting, as he spends a day in the boat with Roland Twinn. Roland is Chief of the Sawridge First Nation and his family have been fishing the lake for many generations. They are trolling with bottom bouncers, using leeches as bait. Jim is amazed to discover, in his 20th series that he has been hooking leeches at the wrong end, Roland informs him he should be using the fibrous end and not the softer sucker end. Roland seems to know what he's doing, as the two enjoy a very productive day. To watch Slave Lake Walleye now, just login or register
In Lake Fishing Manitoba, host Jim Hoey visits his wife, Shannon's home town of Flin Flon on the Manitoba - Saskatchewan border, in Canada. It's actually a mining city that was founded in 1927 to exploit the vast copper and zinc deposits that were discovered nearby. It is surrounded by lakes which provide some great fishing opportunities. Jim spends a few days fishing with some of the locals, starting off on the legendary Lake Athapapuskow with Dallas Mymko, he was a mining inspector before he retired and has been fishing the lake for over 50 years, he guides Jim on to a lovely Lake Trout using a luminous jig. It's not quite as big as the lake record, a whopping 63.5lbs, the fish can still be seen in the Flin Flon Museum. He's also out on Kississing Lake with Ralph Cosgrove and his buddy Dean Fisher and they're catching plenty of Walleye as well as the odd Perch and having a lot of laughs in the process. To watch Lake Fishing Manitoba now, just login or register
In this episode host Jim Hoey visits the town of Nipawin hoping to catch a Saskatchewan Walleye. Nipawin sits on the Saskatchewan River between Codette Lake formed by the Francois-Finlay dam and Tobin Lake created by the construction of the E.B.Campbell dam. The whole area of water is one large reservoir with a channel running through it and with plenty of structure it creates some great fishing opportunities. Jim's out with local expert and marine owner Ray Lamy, who knows the water pretty well. If one spot is a bit quiet, he moves the boat to another of his favourite marks. They are bottom bouncing using a spinner with a leech bait and there are plenty of Walleye to be had. The lake record is over 18lbs. Jim also takes a trip to the local museum to discover a little bit of the history of this fascinating place. To watch Saskatchewan Walleye now, just login or register
When host Jim Hoey is asked what is his favourite fish to go for in Canada, his answer is the Wild White Sturgeon of the Fraser River in British Columbia. So here he is in fishing paradise. He's on a trip to Chilliwack with two buddies from Calgary, Jeff and Jordan and they are on board with local guide Steve Kaye aka The Sturgeon Hunter. Steve explains how the Fraser River once known for its Salmon fishing, is now a bucket destination for anglers the world over because of the Sturgeon to be found here. And Steve knows how to find them, using a considerable amount of local knowledge combined with the use of the latest gadgetry, he puts Jim and the guys onto some fantastic specimen. These are huge, hard fighting fish, that look prehistoric and for Jeff and Jordan, who are both new to Sturgeon fishing, provide the catch of a lifetime. To watch Wild White Sturgeon now, just login or register
In Fishing Chaleur Bay host Jim Hoey heads to Dalhousie in northern New Brunswick, where the Restigouche River enters the bay. He spends a few days with the Arseneault family, firstly father Pierre, who he joins for a day on the bay with guide Bruno Pelletier fishing for Striped Bass. These fish are only found on the Atlantic Coast of North America and can grow up to 80lbs. Jim and Pierre don't manage anything quite this big, but still have a great day out in the boat. Jim also meets mum Jana Arseneault who is an apiarist, she gives Jim a tour of the Charlo Honey House and lets him see see the inside of a very busy beehive. Lastly he spends a day Mackerel fishing with their two young sons Alexandre and Maxime who have definitely inherited their fathers skills at hooking fish. To watch Fishing Chaleur Bay now, just login or register
In this Best of Canada compilation, host Jim Hoey takes a look back at some of his recent journeys around the country, meeting up with some wonderful people and visiting some of his favourite fishing destinations. We start at Belleville, Ontario where he joined Mat Seeley for a day's Bass fishing on the Bay of Quinte, located on the northern edge of Lake Ontario. He also travelled to Tadoussac in Quebec, situated on the banks of the St Lawrence, where it meets the Sagueney River, here Guy Daigneault runs the Club Chasse et Peche and manages some stunningly beautiful waters, where he and Jim had a chat whilst Trout fishing. The Bonaventure River on the Gaspe Peninsular, Quebec is famous for its crystal clear, deep water and it is here that Jim was guided by JP Tessier during an Atlantic Salmon fishing trip. We also see him on off the coast of British Columbia at Ucluelet, fishing for Chinook and also chasing Grylls in the Humber River, Newfoundland. To watch the Best of Canada now, just login or register
Being born and bred in Calgary, Alberta host Jim Hoey grew up catching Bow River Rainbows. In deed he first started fishing on the river when he was 3 years old. So it's quite natural that his home stretch of water has featured regularly on the Dimestore Fishermen over the seasons. His go to companion and guide is Terry Johnson who has been expertly manoeuvring his boat 'The Office' up and down The Bow by oar for almost 22 years. This is a compilation of some of the trips they have made together, each time accompanied by a guest angler, who is lucky to have such an experienced pair on board showing how it is done. Needless to say we see plenty of hard fighting Bow River Rainbow Trout. To watch Bow River Rainbows now, just login or register
In Kootenay Rockies Trout the Dimestore Fishermen team head over the state line into British Columbia, to the Kootenay Rockies, a beautiful mountain area with crystal clear, glacier fed rivers. Presenter D’Arcy Vandergucht joins very experienced guide John Wallace on the Bull River, where he dry flies with an ant pattern catching the very greedy Cutthroat Trout that are found in abundance here. Jim Hoey is on the Elk River also catching Cutthroats and taking time to explain how the regional authorities control access to the rivers in order to preserve the pristine condition that it's in. He then heads over to the Kootenay River where he hooks a very nice Bull Trout helped by local expert Jay Powers. To watch Kootenay Rockies Trout now, just login or register
It's mid December, the waters of Tobin Lake in Saskatchewan are frozen over, its a perfect time to go ice fishing for monster Walleye. Jim joins a few of the locals from Nipawin as they drive out into the middle of the lake to drill some holes in the ice and drop their lines. The secret is a good rod and reel and a decent flasher to locate the fish. One of Jim's longstanding friends, Ray Lamy catches a beautiful Northern Pike as well as some nice Walleye and Young Curtis Fehr shows just how good he is, catching a couple of Walleye approaching 10lbs. The lake record here is 18.3lbs, which also just happens to be the world record for Walleye through ice. To watch Ice Fishing on Tobin Lake now, just login or register
Coming from Alberta, Canada Jim Hoey is used to fishing its many varied waters on quite a regular basis. Here is a compilation of some of his more interesting and rewarding moments. On the Bow River with guide Terry Johnson, Jim was dry fly fishing, using a grasshopper pattern when he caught a lovely Rainbow Trout. On Crawling Valley reservoir he's catching Walleye on light tackle. D'Arcy Vandergucht is fly fishing in the Ram River with Jim's son Hayden when he hooks into a decent Cutthroat Trout. On Graham lake Jim gets very excited when a large Northern Pike goes airborne and gives him a real hard fight. Then he's out on Lake Calling with a couple of fellow Albertans who show that fishing comes quite naturally to everyone in this part of the world. To watch Fishing Alberta Canada now, just login or register
The Dimestore Fishermen present the highlights of their recent fishing trip to the province of Ontario, Canada. Situated between the Great Lakes and Hudson bay, Ontario offers a host of spectacular lake fishing opportunities. Both presenters, Jim Hoey and D'Arcy Vandergucht obviously enjoyed the time they in the company of the local experts and guides. Hightlights include a couple of nice Northern Pike on Lakes Nipigon and Manitouwadge. Bottom bouncing for Walleye on Eagle Lake and joining Vito Dattamo onboard his boat on Lake Ontario, where Jim Naumovski, who hasn't been fishing for over 20 years, catches a lovely King Salmon. To watch this video now, just login or register
Fishing the Final Frontier - The Northwest Territories of Canada are regarded as one of the planet's final frontiers and host Jim Hoey and the Dimestore Fishermen team jump at the opportunity to spend a few days there fishing. They are guests at the Plummer's Lodge Resort situated on the shore of Great Slave Lake, the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world, famous for its Northern Pike, Grayling and Lake Trout. Jim and his buddy Cal are out with local guide Chris Stock, they start in a shallow back bay off the main lake fly fishing for the Northern Pike found basking in the sunshine. Out on the main body of the lake they are exposed to a chilly wind, making conditions trickier. However Chris takes them to a few of his favourite spots and they get plenty of action, lure fishing for Lake Trout, although its one of the other guests at the hotel who is lucky enough to hook a very impressive 42lb specimen. To watch Fishing the Final Frontier now, just login or register


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