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Pike Secrets

A series of 3 full length films from Gordon P. Henriksen about Pike and the various methods that can be used to catch them.
At the beginning of the movie Gordon P Henriksen asks "Why Pike?" The answer is obvious when we join Gordon on a series of challenging and exciting fishing trips. Different methods are shown and we learn a great deal when Gordon explains about fishing with big spinners and small jerkbaits while catching fish. In Sweden, Gordon is joined by the pike expert Stefan "Trumman" Trumstedt, who shows his favourite methods and techniques when fishing with jerbaits - and he also shows us how to catch the big pike. We see the action of the different lures underwater when they are fished effectively. The underwater cameras also reveal new secrets about pike behaviour. Secrets that we pike fishermen can learn a great deal from. It is a visual film, that gives us both intense fishing situations as well as lots of practical tips.  
In Pike Secrets 2 we go even further into the world of pike fishing. Gordon P Henriksen takes on a series of fishing trips with experienced fishermen. We go trolling for pike in Denmark with Christian Møller, who explains how to find and catch pike on big lakes. Frederic Julian from France is a predator specialist and shows us how and why he fishes with swimbaits. We see exactly how the lures act underwater. In Rugen, Northern Germany we are joined by Robert Balkow, a local guider and expert, who tells how to have success with softbaits for big pike. Many nice pike are caught in this inspiring movie. It will make you want to get out there and experiment with techniques and catch more pike yourself.  
Pike & Fly
Gordon P. Henriksen is hooked on pike fishing. Join him on lots of fishing trips in various types of waters where he will share all his best tips with you. We will be fishing from the shore, a belly boat and a boat. Gordon catches a lot of pike and continuously gives pointers on how to fish more effectively. He will talk about flies, tactics and fishing techniques. The casting instructor Lars Chr. Bentsen gives valuable tips about fly tackle, lines and leaders. We see which flies Gordon uses in many different situations and also take a closer look at how the fly moves under water. The film shows groundbreaking footage of underwater popper fishing. You will see up close how pikes strike poppers from above and below the surface. Enjoy a film filled with thrilling action, huge pikes and the best tips for becoming a better fisherman when fishing for the big ferocious pike.


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