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Shallow Saltwater Fly Fishing

In this episode, Tom introduces us to shallow saltwater fly fishing and explains exactly why its such an exciting way to fish with a fly rod. Renowned fly species like Bonefish, Redfish and Striped Bass love to move close inshore to feed on shrimp, crustaceans and bait fish and Tom shows you how to look for some telltale signs that fish are in the area. Fish move inshore on an incoming tide to feed and hang slightly further out on outgoing tide waiting for food items to be swept out so as Tom explains, focusing your fishing effort during these tide movements  is crucial for success. Tom talks through the tackle you'll need which is slightly beefier than you'd use in freshwater but you'll need a more powerful rod and heavier line to cast bigger flies and deal with windy conditions. Next up, Tom discusses how to stalk fish by learning how to spot them both above and below the water and then how to deliver the right cast at exactly the right time. A lot of shallow saltwater fly fishing is done from a flats boat and Tom discusses how to communicate with and work with a guide effectively. Casting instructor, Pete Kutzer then takes through some double haul casting tuition which is crucial for saltwater fly fishing to counter heavier winds, distance and big flies. Finally Tom shows us the importance of the strip strike which is key to getting hookups on shallow saltwater species. To watch just login or register


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