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Offshore Saltwater Fly Fishing

Offshore saltwater fly fishing can offer amazing sport and many anglers do not realize you can use a fly rod and flies to catch some of the most prized offshore species in saltwater. In this fascinating and educational episode, Tom teaches the essentials of fly fishing in deeper saltwater for a wide variety of species. We see how finding structure and features offshore is crucial to locating fish and how rips form, offering superb fish holding areas. Looking for sea birds hitting bait shoals on the surface can also give some clues as to where to focus. Tom also shows how he uses chum to bring fish like Tuna and Dorado closer to the boat and within casting range. In terms of tackle, its time to step up your gear to 9,10,11 and 12 weight rods as typically you'll be targetting bigger fish and wind is a constant factor offshore. A bigger large arbour reel is certainly required and Tom also shows us the kind of lines he prefers to use offshore. We then look at setting the hook with strip striking and Tom demonstrates how to fight big fish around the boat and how to deal with fish that go aerial. Finally, Orvis Casting Instructor, Pete Kutzer provides an great tutorial on casting big flies in windy conditions something that is par for the course when saltwater fly fishing offshore. To watch just login or register  


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