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Join host, Craig Thomassen as he brings you some of the best fishing action Africa has to offer with Inside Angling. With a mix of saltwater and freshwater episodes from giant Tigerfish in Tanzania to Sailfish and Wahoo in the Seychelles and everything in between, this series is spectacularly shot with some brilliant action plus loads of great tips and tactical advice from expert angler, Craig. Equally at home fly fishing or spinning, Craig rarely fails to deliver and you'll witness some great catches throughout the series.  So sit back, enjoy the majestic scenery and wildlife Africa has to offer and watch Craig as he seeks out some truly exhilarating sport on Inside Angling.

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In 'Kruger Tigers' Inside Angling series host Craig Thomassen gets a very rare opportunity to fish the rivers inside Kruger National Park. Invited by the park authorities to join them on a research trip, they start in the Sabie Gorge, where the river has split into a number of shallow runs producing plenty of small pools that look perfect for a popper or lure. The whole thing is made all the more exciting by the fact that there is plenty of wildlife that might make its presence known at any moment and so the rangers are on constant guard against any inquisitive hippo, lion or buffalo. The Tigerfish oblige and Craig enjoys one of the most amazing fishing experiences of his life. To watch Kruger Tigers now, just login or register
The team are in the Seychelles, just off the world renowned fishing hot spot, Alphonse Island and Inside Angling host, Craig Thomassen has barely got his fly line out amongst the teasers before a Sailfish has come to play. This one doesn't stick but Sailfish aren't the only pelagic species around and Craig soon has the lighting fast, powerful Wahoo to contend with. These smash and grab merchants are rarely caught on fly gear but the waters are rich with them here and the teasers soon pull the Wahoo in. After landing a couple on the fly rod, Craig switches to a light spin rod and a stick bait with almost immediate effect. Hooking into the sailfish is proving more of a struggle though, but Craig perseveres and is rewarded with an epic fight on his 3rd day in Alphonse Island. To watch, just login or register 
The Queen of Oman in this case refers to the hard fighting slabs of silver, that are Queenfish. They can be found in abundance in the waters off southern Oman and Craig Thomassen has been invited to visit his old buddy, Brandon King who runs a guiding service out of Salalah, to join him for a few days fishing. Queenfish became one of their favourite species when they first started fishing together in Mozambique. Early morning and late evening are the best times of day to find them and the Queenfish seem unable to resist a small popper moving quickly across the water. Although Brandon is also able to get them to take a fly and enjoys a great battle on his lightweight gear. To watch Queen of Oman now, just login or register
Watch Outventurous A Yellowfish Journey which features South Africa's longest river, the Orange River, so remote in places that it is only accessible by canoe. Inside Angling host Craig Thomassen joins a three day camping trip organised by Kalahari Outventures, where he is hoping to find and catch some trophy Yellowfish. This section of the river flows through some spectacularly rugged, arid landscapes which provide a stunning backdrop to Craig's fishing. It is also free from dangerous wildlife, so provides a rare opportunity to fish in South Africa without worrying about being eaten. There are plenty of Yellowfish to be found and Craig enjoys breaking his PB for both largemouth and smallmouth varieties. To watch Outventurous A Yellowfish Journey now, just login or register
The Mystic Waters off northern Madagascar are home to a huge variety of fish and it was here that Craig Thomassen caught a type of Kingfish that he was unable to recognise. In the hope that he might have discovered a new species he's back hoping to catch another one and he's brought marine biologist Dr Paul Crowley along with him to offer expert advice. They're cruising just off the coast on Maki-cat and if does turn out to be a wild goose chase, who cares? They have great fun along the way, catching a host of species that they do recognise, including Bluefin Trevally, Kingfish, Grouper and the ever acrobatic Sailfish. To watch Mystic Waters now, just login or register
In Jack Attack Craig Thomassen heads up to the Kwanda Lodge in Soyo, Angola on the mouth of the River Congo. He's on the boat of Carlos Moran, one of the top guides in the area and they're out in the estuary fishing in the muddy water where the freshwater of the river meets the saline water of the sea. Here the abundance of bait and food to be found means there are plenty of large fish and Craig has a fantastic few days targeting the Jacks. As well as the common Crevalle Jack he also catches the rarer Senegal Jack drifting with live baits. He also has some fun with his 'flick stick' lure rod off the back of the boat, catching his first West African Mackerel. To watch Jack Attack now, just login or register
The Mynera River Blue Tigerfish reputedly grow to over 20lbs, presumably because they are only found in remotest Tanzania and are very rarely fished for. The river flows through the Selous National Park, its virgin waters are host to a myriad of exotic species and Craig Thomassen has been invited to spend a few days fishing there. If he's able to land one of these monsters, it would be a PB, but like all other Tigers they aren't easy to catch, their boney mouths mean it's very difficult to get a hook to set. After a couple of fruitless days, Craig reties one of his trusty old lures, how satisfying would it be to land a PB on that? To watch Mynera River Blue Tigerfish now, just login or register
In Krugers Gold, Craig Thomassen is back in the Kruger National Park. After fishing the lower waters of the Sabie River, he's now taken upstream, close to the boundary of the park, where conditions are slightly different. The water is cooler and faster flowing, and home to a new range of species. So he uses small lures and spinners in an attempt to catch Tilapia, Bream and the large scaled Yellowfish, the river's hidden gold. His armed guard is never far away as there's always a chance of a predatory animal making an appearance. To watch Krugers Gold now, just login or register
In Leaping Lunkers, Inside Angling host Craig Thomassen revisits Angola and teams up again with expert local guide Carlos Moran. This time they're on the Kwanza River estuary, a beautiful stretch of water flowing through unspoilt jungle. The summer conditions are perfect, with recent rain inland flushing some brown water through the system. They head a few kilometres up stream hoping to find some baby Tarpon who should provide some exciting surface action for the guys using their lightweight tackle with versatile soft rubber lures and sinking stickbaits. They also head out to the edge of the estuary and using heavier gear, cast out live baits in the hope of catching some larger Tarpon or some of the hard fighting Crevalle Jacks. To watch Leaping Lunkers now, just login or register
Heavy Jaw
The Heavy Jaw in question belongs to the Heavyjawed Kingfish, or Longrakered Trevally, a species that Craig Thomassen hasn't caught before, so he's delighted to add it it to his list. He's on board the Maki-cat sailing off northern Madagascar, casting lures and poppers out on fairly lightweight tackle. He's fishing with marine biologist Dr Paul Cowley, who is studying the genetic links between schools of fish dispersed around the Indian Ocean. And this particular location is blessed with a wide variety of species including Barracuda, GTs, Garfish and Sailfish all of which provide some great sport. To watch Heavyjawed Kingfish now, just login or register
Watch Island Inshore Fishing Mozambique where Craig Thomassen spends a few days visiting the idyllic Azura resort on Quilalea Island in the Indian Ocean. Cruising the relatively shallow waters around the island and alternating his tactics between poppers creating a noisy attraction on the surface and the stealthier action of a sinking stick bait, Craig is in for a treat, as there is an abundance of species to be had, Bluefin Trevally, Kingfish, Snapper and Grouper are all hooked and the taxman, a large Shark, shows up providing a mighty battle on lightweight tackle. To watch Island Inshore Fishing Mozambique now, just login or register
The Return - A Sardine Story features an amazing phenomenon that occurs every winter along the shore of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, huge schools of sardines migrate northwards from the cooler waters of the Cape and with them come whales, dolphins, sharks and other large predatory gamefish. Which of course means for any keen angler, there is some fantastic sport to be had. This is the only place in the world where the large schools of sardines can be netted on to the beach and the locals make the most of this whilst they can. The fish at the back of the nets get crushed, releasing blood and oils which attract the sharks in large numbers, this provides even more fun and excitement for any daring beach angler. To watch The Return - A Sardine Story now, just login or register


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