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Get Your Fish On – Series 2

Whether you’re a fishing ace, an amateur angler or just love a bit of fishy fun, the second series of New Zealand's popular competitive fishing show, GET YOUR FISH ON will have you hooked all over again, so join us as we cast off.

Each episode our host Mandy Kupenga teams up with a fishing buddy to take on the local blokes at some of the country’s best fishing spots.

And for this series we’ve upped the ante; its bigger fish, bigger challenges and some big, big personalities thrown in for good measure. But some things are too good to change; the losing team still has to cook for the victors so there’s a tasty new seafood recipe at the end of each show.

Travelling to some of our NZ's iconic fishing locations you’ll hear loads of tall tales and top fishing tips too, as Mandy and the show’s on-board experts share their knowledge; from the best rigs for targeting specific fish, through to the best spots and times to find them.

Tune in for a fishing show that’s fun for the whanau and the hard-core fishing fanatic too.
Series host Mandy Kupenga takes on NZ TV entertainer Pio Terei in a two boat challenge that sees the teams diving and fishing the beautiful Tutukaka coast to see who can catch the largest number of edible species. Kingfish, Snapper, Cod and a host of shellfish are on their wishlist and the losers have to do the cooking.
We're heading out to Hauraki Gulf where Mandy Kupenga leads a women's team against the men, in a full on Snapper shoot out. On this trip there's a twist.... they can only use lures. Good clean fun, longest Snapper of the day wins.
The teams are anchored up off the famous White Island for an epic all-nighter. Under floodlights they are trying to catch the most Kingfish and there are some giant ones to be had! With the losers cooking breakfast.
A slam-down snapper competition! Our teams head to Little Barrier Island to see who can land the most legal snapper in six hours.
The team’s have to contend with rough weather, giant swells and the ferocious currents of the Kaipara in this battle of the sexes. The 3 woman team headed by Mandy Kupenga take on the men in trying to catch the longest combined length of Snapper and Kahawai. Losers cook dinner.
Bream Bay
Departing from Bream Bay, our teams head out for a challenge with a fishy twist. Again, the team that catches most species wins, but catch a snapper and you lose a point.
Our team’s head out to White Island, an active volcano in the Bay of Plenty, in search of big fish... and they find them in the warm underwater currents. A no holds barred, adventurous escapade that see's the women's team headed by Mandy Kupenga up against the men, all trying to catch as many species as possible.
Teamed up with Anita Muaulu, Mandy takes on the combined might of fishing guru Bill Hohepa and NZ TV actor Tammy Davis in a multi species challenge, where the teams are given envelopes containing mysterious clues. The aim is to catch a number of species that can be eaten for supper.
Kingfish, Gem Fish, Tuna – as long as it’s big and you can eat it then it counts in today’s contest, as Mandy heads offshore with 3 other fishing fanatics who’ve never landed a big one before.
Heading out from Mangawhai our teams target the legendary Kingfish of Mokohinau. They go vertical jigging with both lures and livebait and whoever catches the largest fish will be crowned king of the kingies.
Braving the big swells and wild NZ West-Coast weather proves a challenge in itself as our Womens and Mens teams go head to head to provide the best seafood for a fishy family feed. There's plenty of species to be found, with Kahawai, Lemonfish, Snapper and Trevally all vying for prime place on the menu.
We head for a bit of fishing on the Hauraki Gulf  as Mandy pits her skills in a hammer down, no holds barred snapper contest against rugby league legend, Wairangi Koopu. There's a twist, points are also awarded for other species, so look out for John Dory, Kingfish and Gurnard. Login or Register to watch this episode of Get Your Fish On
We head out from Whitianga for the epic grand finale. See if our teams can handle the pain and joy that big Kingfish and Snapper can bring. There's plenty of monsters to be caught or lost. Skipper Hayden will judge "Fish of the day" and the losers will have to cook a scrumptious fishy supper.


Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Just enjoy the ladies competing against the men a really good entertainment

Rated 4 out of 5
25th February 2022

Love the whole New Zealand experience


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