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Fly Fishing Down Under

John Haenke leads the Fishing Downunder team as they showcase the great fly fishing to be found around Australia, they aim to inspire you to get out doors with family and friends and enjoy what is on offer.

Together with local experts they demonstate fishing techniques and tactics that can be used in a wide variety of fishing scenarios, and a great many species of fish.

Take a road trip to the Snowy Mountains, and meet up with Andrew Badullovich and his family as they explore some of the regions attractions. The lakes in this area provide easily accessible fishing locations, ideal for showing the kids how to catch a trout or two from the safety of the bank. Andrew then shows - from a boat - how to cut a lake down to size by eliminating less productive areas and concentrating on prime, fish-holding country. The lessons imparted will serve anglers well wherever they chase our speckled freshwater fish.  
Fly fishing for barramundi offers the angler fantastic sport. Barramundi have been stocked into many impoundments in Queensland but these hard fighting fish can be even less predictable than their wild cousins and this makes them a great challenge, especially for fly fishermen. Utilising a range of flies fished at different depths and using a variety of retrieves Peter Morse catches a string of feisty impoundment barra. This show includes a step by step fly tying of the “Fat Boy” - a versatile big fish fly. To watch this video, just login or register   
Peter and Vinnie visit the Cooper family at Bivouac Junction, on the upper Burdekin River, to chase hard-fighting sooty grunter on light, trout-weight fly gear... And find a river alive with fish! As a bonus they also encounter the beautiful and intriguing small-headed grunter, a native species endemic to this sparsely-populated and wonderfully unique part of the world. We'll be very surprised if this one doesn't make you want to come and visit the Outback Burdekin country!  
European carp are a noxious pest in Australian waters... but the fact remains that they’re here, and we’re unlikely to get rid of them any time soon. Bearing this in mind, we might as well take advantage of carp as a sport fish. As Peter Morse eloquently explains "Carp make a wonderful target for sight fishing with the fly rod. Once you’ve watched this great story, we’re sure you’ll want to grab a fly rod and head for some nearby carp water!"


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