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Fishing the Flats – Series 5

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Henry Waszczuk delivers perhaps the best season of Fishing the Flats to date. Whether he's fishing for Goliath Grouper in the Florida Keys, Bonefish in the Bahamas, Tarpon in Belize or Marlin out in the Atlantic, there's always action to be had. As always, local Captains like Billy Clyde are on hand to lend there expertise from techniques, to tackle reviews, the best resorts in the world of sport fishing, to some incredible recipes on the grill with Steve Adams. No matter who you are, season five has something for you.

In this premiere episode to season five of Fishing the Flats, Host Henry Waszczuk get’s right back into the action fishing for shallow water Blacktip Sharks and hard fighting Permit. First stop is the fishing paradise of Islamorada, Florida, where Henry scans the clear, shallow water for the tell-tale blacktip fins. After quick success, he talks through the specialist gear needed to handle these big powerful predators in shallow water, including the innovative balloon rig float setup used throughout Florida. Next, it’s off to sunny Belize, where fisherman’s favourite permit can be found in huge numbers. Finally, we head over to resident chef Steve Adams to cook up a local Grouper surf ‘n’ turf.
Host Henry Waszczuk is back on the Florida flats in this episode of Reeling in the Keys, joined by friend and FTF regular Captain Billy Clyde. The show begins in Sarasota Bay, a shallow clearwater lagoon in the mecca of sport fishing, southwest Florida. Casting baits in the lagoon makes for great sport with huge Speckled Sea Trout, so Henry takes a moment to discuss tackle and tips on how to maximise casting distance to access these fish. Next up is a treat of a trip to Tiamo Resort on Andros Island in the Bahamas, where the deeper waters provide even harder fights with all manner of species like Amberjack and Grouper.
This episode of Fishing the Flats features quite frankly some of the weirdest fish to be caught on rod and line. Host Henry Waszczuk remains in Belize, where he can fish light tackle from the beach in the ultra-shallow water over the barrier reef for cruising triggerfish, and even a bonus Bonefish. Later, out on the boat, the crew find huge numbers of hard fighting, bizarre looking and delicious Hogfish. Once dinner is caught, Steve Adams cooks up a signature Surf and Turf to rewards Henry’s efforts.
Host Henry Waszczuk jumps on the Kayak fishing trend in this episode of Fishing the Flats, throwing lures for Redfish, Snook and Speckled Sea Trout before heading out on the boat in Guatemala to fly fish for mighty Sail Fish. The warm waters of Sarasota Bay, Florida are shallow, clear and full of fish, which makes them a perfect habitat for kayak fisherman. Henry talks about the equipment and knowledge required to effectively use these boats to stalk big Reds. Over in Guatemala, the luxurious Casa Vieja Lodge offers the crew the chance to catch a massive Sailfish on the fly; perhaps the ultimate angling prize. Finally, Steve Adams cooks up a seafood Philly Cheese Steak for this week’s recipe on the grill.
In this instalment of Fishing the Flats, host Henry Waszczuk joins old friend Captain Billy Clyde for some Bonefish on the fly in Belize, and action with all manner of species in the Florida Keys. Captain Billy is as excitable as ever down in Belize, and for good reason. Stalking these speedy Bonefish in a foot of crystal-clear water is incredible fun, especially with a fly rod. Up in the Florida Keys offshore from Islamorada, Henry has success catching Snapper, Wahoo and Red Grouper using insane kite and balloon rigs, which come in handy for Steve Adam’s seafood nachos in this week’s recipe on the grill.
In this episode of Fishing the Flats, host Henry Waszczuk gets up close and personal with Blacktip Sharks in the Bahamas, before joining Captain Billy Clyde in the Florida Keys to try and unusual method of catching Speckled Sea Trout. It’s not often you get the chance to sight fish for sharks, but in the shallow water around the FTF favourite Andros Island, blacktips can be caught on balloon rigs cruising by the beach. Back In southwest Florida, Henry and Billy test out different styles of lure while fishing for big Trout from nothing more than a paddleboard.
Host Henry Waszczuk joins Captain Billy Clyde in Belize and Florida in this episode of Fishing the Flats to jig lures for feisty snapper and drop baits for monster Goliath Grouper. The shallow, warm water surrounding Belize in central America is teaming with sport fish, so the duo has some fun with top water poppers and jigs to get explosive Snapper takes. Back in Florida, beneath the sunshine skyway bridge in St. Petersburg, the show steps it up a notch and goes looking for something bigger. The massive structure creates an oasis for bait fish and Goliath Grouper, which the underwater camera confirms. It’s not long before Billy and Henry must join efforts to pull up the beats at the end of their handline…
Henry Waszczuk goes international in this episode of Fishing the Flats, enjoying the sunny waters of the Bahamas fishing for Mutton Snapper, and Belize hunting for Permit. A holiday in the Bahamas is synonymous with sun, white sand and clear blue water, and fishing there is no exception. As Henry finds out, these big Snapper can be caught in huge numbers close to shore in waist deep water. Next, we join regular co-host Captain Billy Clyde in Belize for some jig fishing, where the crew have spotted a school of Permit feeding by the rocks as their fins breach the water. After nearly losing an arm to a Barracuda, Henry finishes up with resident chef Steve Adams, who’s grilling up a tropical barbeque fondue.
In this episode of Fishing the Flats, host Henry Waszczuk casts a fly for fast fighting Bonefish in Belize, the returns home to east Florida to hunt the wrecks for trophy size Gag Grouper. It’s not often Henry breaks out the fly rod, but it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to experience one of these incredible fish on such light tackle. Know as one of the worlds hardest fighting fish pound for pound, our host has a field day catching Bones from a remote beach. Back home in Florida, we once again join Billy Clyde on the offshore reefs and wrecks, where massive Gag Grouper can be found hiding. As always, we finally meet up with chef Steve Adams for an easy crispy fish balls recipe.
There’s plenty of trophy fish to be caught in this episode of Fishing the Flats, as Henry Waszczuk head down to the Florida docks to night fish for Snook, then to the sunny Bahamas to hunt massive Bonefish on the flats. There’s no better Snook expert to fish with than Dave Pomerleau, and he quickly puts Billy and Henry onto some real monsters. Henry then takes a look at the unique sub-surface neon lights used to attract these massive schools of predatory fish. The night’s catch will come in handy for this week’s recipe on the grill, a delicious Snook surf n’ turf, but first it’s off to Andros Island in the Bahamas. By casting shrimps on the flats Henry hooks the biggest double-figure Bonefish he’s ever seen, but landing these hard fighters is no easy task…
In this special 29th anniversary finale episode of Fishing the Flats, host Henry Waszczuk takes a look back at some of the best moments of season five. This season had it all. From amazing places like the Keys, the Bahamas, Belize and Guatemala. From massive fish specimens like Snook, Redfish, Marlin, Dorado and Grouper. From recipes, to tackle reviews, to resort features. There’s plenty of reasons to stay tuned for season six…


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