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Fishing the Flats – Series 4

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Host Henry Waszczuk is back with another fantastic season of Fishing The Flats. Henry fishes in some stunning saltwater locations from Costa Rica to the Bahamas and Florida and encounters a huge variety of inshore species including Snook, Tripletail, Redfish, Tarpon, Black Drum, Bonefish and a variety of Sharks. He also gets up to New York to try for possibly, the East Coast's most popular sporting fish, the Striped Bass. Henry is back again fighting Goliath Grouper too, a fish that will certainly give you a hard workout. As well as the exciting action, there's plenty of tips and tactics to help put you on more fish too.
Fishing The Flats is back and better than ever with this premiere episode of season 4! Host Henry Waszczuk takes the show to three different incredible sport fishing locations to get a taste for what’s to come. Beginning in the Florida Keys, he and the crew hook into some of the biggest Snook of their lives reaching over 40 inches. Next, Henry switches it up and grabs a fly rod in pursuit of smart, strong Bonefish in the sunny Bahamas. Finally, FTF team member Cameron joins captain Billy Clyde for the biggest of the bunch, a man-sized Silver Tarpon from Tampa Bay! With cooking tips, tackle reviews and crazy sport, this action-packed episode kicks off season 4 with a bang!
Henry Waszczuk and friends are in for another action-packed episode of Fishing The Flats, as they pursue Redfish and Shark around Florida and Bonefish in The Bahamas. Kayak fishing has become one of the fastest growing sports on the world, so Henry jumps on the bandwagon for some hard fighting Redfish on the flats near Anna Marie Island. An even bigger prize is up for grabs out in the keys, where Henry and Captain Steve tussle with some monster Sharks. Over in The Bahamas, the crew try a lesser-known tactic for feisty Bonefish, spinning with small lures on the flats.
Host Henry Waszczuk is back with more insane sport fishing in this episode of Fishing The Flats, chasing Florida Snook, Costa Rica Tarpon and Mexican Jack Crevalle. Beginning on the inshore waters of Florida, Billy and Dave use fluorescent lights in the harbour to attract massive schools of Snook to the boat for easy pickings. Down in Mexico, Henry endeavours to catch his friend Eric his fist ever top-water Jack Crevalle, and a big one at that! Finally, it’s back for another big Tarpon lure session in sunny Costa Rica, before grilling up a classic surf n’ turf with chef Steve Adams.
In this special episode of Fishing The Flats, host Henry Waszczuk goes fishing for Tarpon and Goliath Grouper, while Captain Billy Clyde and crew member Mike Macdonald compete in a kayak fishing competition in the Florida Everglades. First stop is the famed waters of Boca Grand Florida, where some of the biggest Goliath Grouper in the world can be caught on rod and line. Over in Costa Rica, Henry is fishing for massive silver Tarpon in shallow, flat calm water. Meanwhile in the Everglades, Billy and Mike take part in the Adventure Fishing World Championships kayak fishing competition. Trying to catch Snook, Trout and Redfish amid howling winds and hungry alligators is no easy task, but victory begins to look quite promising…
Host Henry Waszczuk enjoys the warm waters of Costa Rica fishing for Jack Crevalle in this episode of Fishing The Flats, before heading back for some hometown Florida fishing for huge Tarpon and Blacktip Shark. Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica is a favourite of the Fishing The Flats crew, but this time they come across some surprise Jack Crevalle and can’t help but cast a line. Back in south west Florida the Tarpon are feeding hard, and Captain Billy Clyde puts Henry on to some truly massive specimens with lures, before dropping baits for the feisty blacktip shark that so often steal his fish around Florida.
Host Henry Waszczuk is in for another awesome adventure in this episode of Fishing The Flats, taking a trip fishing for Costa Rican Tarpon, Bahamas Houndfish and Florida Gag Grouper. Tarpon are considered perhaps the best sport fish in the world, not just because of their huge size, but because of their aggressive and acrobatic nature. This makes them easy to catch on all manner of artificial lures, and the Colorado River in Costa Rica is the perfect place. Over in the Bahamas, the crew go looking for rare Houndfish, a creature that would be right at home in a horror movie, and evidently grows to over four feet long! Finally, back home in Florida, Henry goes looking for big shallow water Gag Grouper for Steve to grill up for dinner, and Henry manages to hook the biggest one of his life.
Host Henry Waszczuk is flying all over in this episode of Fishing The Flats, as he goes fishing for Peurto Rican Tarpon, Florida Redfish and Bahamas Bonefish. The best, and perhaps scariest way to catch the silver king in Costa Rica is with a Kayak, but with Tarpon growing to over 150 pounds in the area, Henry has a lot on his plate. Back in Florida, the crew enjoy Redfish season on the inshore flats of Sarasota. Finally, it’s back to East End Lodge on Grand Bahamas Island, where Henry has a run around with the hard fighting Bone Fish that live in the shallow, mangrove-lined water. If that wasn’t enough, Chef Steve Adams wraps up the show by knocking up a Mullet pizza on the grill!
Back for another three-part adventure, Henry Waszczuk goes fishing for Boca Grand Bull Shark, Costa Rica Tarpon and Tampa Bay Amberjack, in this episode of Fishing The Flats. Florida’s Boca Grand Pass is the first stop on this trip, where massive and aggressive Bull Shark can be caught up to ten feet long on live baits like Rays. Next, it’s off to tropical Costa Rica for another sporting favourite; the acrobatic Tarpon, nicknamed the silver king! Back in Florida in Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico, the crew go offshore jigging and stumble upon a school of hard fighting Amberjacks! This episode is a testament to the variety of high level sport fishing available in this part of the world.
Host Henry Waszczuk is back for another three-part adventure in this episode of Fishing The Flats, fishing for Florida Tripletail, New York Stripers and Bahamas Snapper. First, we join Captain Billy in South West Florida for the most prehistoric of fish, the Tripletail. Next, Henry fishes an unlikely fisherman’s location, New York for huge Striped Bass on lures. Finally, it’s off on vacation to the Bahamas where the inshore waters around Grand Bahamas Island offer awesome fishing for perhaps the tastiest and hardest fighting of the Snapper species, the Mutton Snapper. As always, Chef Steve Adams is on hand to show us how to grill up these notoriously delicious Snapper.
In this episode of Fishing The Flats. Host Henry Waszczuk fishes for Grouper, Roosterfish and Sea Trout using all manner of methods in Florida and Mexico. Staying Close to home, Henry begins in South West Florida, where massive Gag Grouper can be found close to the shore. They may not be as big as their goliath cousins, but on light tackle, these pound-for-pound fighters provide incredible sport. Closer to shore on the flats, skinny water kayak fishing allows Henry to sneak up on Speckled Sea Trout with top-water plugs as they bask in the Florida sun. Finally, it’s off to the sunny Marietas Islands in Mexico’s Bay of Banderas, where the abundance of exotic sport species produces one of the most impressive fish you’ll ever see.
Host Henry Waszczuk is in for a treat in this episode of Fishing The Flats, as he fishes Florida and the Bahamas for Barracuda, Sea Trout and Grouper. First stop is Grand Bahama Island, where massive predatory Barracuda offer insane sport on lures. Back in Florida, the crew dabble on the inshore flats where Speckled Sea Trout congregate in such shallow water they can be stalked from the boat. Finally, Henry joins Captain Ben Chancey and Bucky Dennis in Boca Grand for a Floridian favourite, a massive goliath grouper. By trying out an unusual bait; a large live Ray, the crew strap in for a hell of a fight when something big pulls on the line.
In this incredible episode of Fishing The Flats, Henry Waszczuk and the crew fish around Florida for Redfish and monstrous Hammerhead Sharks, before travelling to Costa Rica to look for a rare Tripletail. First stop is the flats of southwest Florida, where throwing plugs makes for some crazy top water action for big Redfish. Next up Henry joins Billy Clyde just off shore from Sarasota bay to fish live baits for Goliath Grouper, but instead hook into the fish of Billy’s life. After hours of chasing the beast, the pair finally get a glimpse at the biggest Hammerhead Shark either man has ever seen, as long as the boat and likely one of the biggest fish you’ll ever see caught on rod and line. Finally, it’s off for a holiday in Costa Rica, where Henry tries to get his hands on a prehistoric Tripletail, one of the oldest animal species on the planet.
In this very special final episode of season four of Fishing The Flats, Henry Waszczuk and friends look back on the highlights of these incredible trips around the world. From hometown favourites like the Florida Keys, the Flats and the Everglades, to holiday destinations like Costa Rica and the Bahamas. From massive fish like Grouper, Tarpon and Hammerhead Sharks, to exotic fish Like Roosterfish, Houndfish and Bonefish. From triumphant personal bests, to shocking surprise species, to priceless knowledge, to hilarious bloopers. This episode showcases exactly why we all love Fishing The Flats.


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