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Fishing in Uzbekistan

Host Oybek Zukurhov introduces this new series about the fishing opportunities in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan. With some huge reservoirs and lakes as well as a myriad of rivers, fishing possibilities are numerous. There are a wide array of species to target many of which you would find in most European countries including Common Carp, Grass Carp, Roach, Bream, Pike, Zander, Trout as well species originating from China such as as Bighead Carp, Silver Carp and Snakehead. Oybek also introduces us to elements of the Uzbekistan culture and we see some wonderful flora and fauna along the way. You may never have considered Uzbekistan as a fishing destination before but maybe you just might now.

With English Subtitles
Meet host Oybek Zukurhov, as he introduces a new series from the beautiful central Asian country of Uzbekistan. In this first episode, he is fishing on Lake Kuyimazar, a man made reservoir in the Bukhara Region in the South West of Uzbekistan. The reservoir is around 50 km2 with a maximum depth of 15m and contains a wide variety of fish including Common Carp. Grass Carp, Bream, Catfish and predators like Zander and Snakehead. After meeting some friends, they put out some groundbait and use small worms for hookbait. His friend explains that the fish are wild here and aren't susceptible to taking man made baits very readily so its important to use natural baits. Fish are hard to catch here in the day but as the sun sets over the desert, the fishing hots up and they catch a variety of species including, Carp, Grass Carp and Bream. While the fishing continues, Oybek helps his friend prepare some food, and they marinade some lamb pieces in spices and wine before digging a pit and slow cooking the lamb in the ground. A successful session ends with a  delicious meal amongst friends and a perfect way to end the trip.
Welcome back to the second installment of Fishing in Uzebekistan where we'll discover more about the fishing opportunities in this fascinating central Asian country. Host, Oybek is in Bukhara, one of the most ancient cities in the country, also known as the 'Pearl of the East' and will be fishing on Lake Devkhona which translates as Devil's Lair. On their way, Oybek shows us the beautiful Kyzyl Kum Desert and some of the wonderful flora and fauna that lives here. On arrival, Oybek and his friend Arthur need to find a spot to reach the bank as high cliffs surround much of the lake. Oybek tells us of a 4m long Catfish that was caught here last year and they are hopeful, but the best fishing is to be had at night when the bigger fish feed. With no immediate hurry as the sun is still beating down, they have a quick dip in the lake before setting up their rods, and ledgering some worm baits. They quickly start catching some small Carp which have a bright yellow colouring. As evening comes, they take a break and Arthur cooks up a bankside feast to end a nice relaxing day in the Devil's Lair.


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