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Eddie Turners Pike Fishing

In this series of short videos, pike fishing expert, Eddie Turner passes on some fantastic tips, tricks and advice to help make you a better pike angler.

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In this short film about gravel pit pike fishing Eddie Turner is with friend, Bill Hancock and outlines his approach on these venues.  Its late in the season and the pike aren't easy to catch but with a little homework and watercraft, a cold unlikley day can turn into a productive one. To watch this video for free, just login or register  
Eddie Turner explains how he developed the drifter float to fish for pike when there's a bit of wind around. Using a drifter float allows him to cover more water when fishing dead baits and the method has accounted for some huge pike over the years. He shows how to rig the float up and what rod and line set up you need to maximise your chances of hook ups. Eddie also shows how he likes to attach his dead bait when fishing this method. To watch this free video, just login or register now.  
Float legering for pike is a well known deadly method and Eddie Turner shows how to tie up his favoured float leger set-up, including tackle, accessories and bait advice. As pike hunt by both sight and smell, Eddie likes to enhance his dead baits with fish oils to increase his chances and shows how us how to apply these oils. To watch this free video, just login or register now  
Eddie Turner's fishing pal Bill Hancock outlines how to set up and fish with a free-roving floatfished livebait set-up.  
Expert Pike angler, Eddie Turner shows us the Pike fishing kit he would never go fishing without. He also shows how to safely unhook, weigh and photograph a big Pike – with a little help from his cuddly toy Pike!
Eddie Turner explains how his favourite sunken fixed paternoster pike set up works.  
Eddie Turner demonstrates the use of a bait boat in pike fishing.


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