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When I appear at fly-fishing and vintage tackle shows, many of the questions I’m asked fall into distinct categories. So I’ve put together these little videos that will hopefully answer most of your queries. In this series, I’ll demonstrate how to tie some of my flies and the materials I use, plus the tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years that I’m more than happy to share. I’ll also show you some interesting examples from my vintage tackle collection.

Chris Sandford introduces his fly fishing video magazine by with a unique look at dubbing, feathers, fly trying and vices!  
Chris Sandford continues his unique fly fishing video magazine with an alternative feather folding technique, a good use for paintbrush bristles and a look at more of his vices.
Taser Bugs, the BBGB, a review of recent angling books and some tips for starting your own vintage collection.
Sandford demonstrates how to tie the Sedge fly, reviews new guide books and unveils his selection of small vintage gadgets.  


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Great source of interesting facts !

Rated 5 out of 5
8th September 2022

Fantastic ! …. wonderfully presented by Chris, covers all aspects of fly fishing, with interesting stories and fly tying.

Gibson Wilson

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