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Chilly On Carp

Ian 'Chilly' Chilcott is a legend of the carp fishing world in the UK and in this five-part series we learn why. But this is more than a 'how to': Chilly asks what it is about this sport that keeps people coming back for more, and questions some of the most commonly held beliefs about carp fishing. As usual, Ian isn't shy of sharing some of the secrets and tricks that he has picked up over the years.

Over the five shows Ian explores a variety of waters - from sparklingly clear rivers to deep gravel pits. Join one of the country's most respected anglers as he takes on some of the most famous fish in the country.
After a long career of monsters, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott swaps brawn for beauty in this episode of Chilly On Carp, as he goes fishing for small, beautiful Carp on the surface in Essex. The fish in this ex-club water in Chelmsford are very old and incredibly conditioned, due in part to their almost exclusive diet of natural food. After covering his ingenious surface rigs required for such for skittish carp, Chilly spots a group of fish and hooks into some of the darkest, hardest fighting torpedo shaped carp he’s ever seen. This kind of intimate sport reminds us all that when it comes to pure enjoyment… size isn’t everything!
In this episode of Chilly on Carp, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott travels north to Birchwood Farm Lake in Shropshire to fish for beautiful small water Carp. While it may look centuries old with its tree-lined pools, flora and fauna, Birchwood Farm was in fact built only eight years prior. Local fisherman John Jones, one of the men partly responsible, is on hand to talk about how the process was accomplished and the pristine fish that inhabit the lake. Ever the overachiever, Chilly has one particular fish on his mind, and after finding success with some smaller specimens, he gets a chance at the famous big black Mirror Carp.
Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott expands his horizons in this episode of Chilly On Carp, as he goes fishing for river Carp, Barbel and Chub on the Hampshire Avon’s famous Royalty Fishery stretch. Being such a beloved river among all kinds of fisherman in the UK, the Hampshire Avon is the perfect destination for Chilly’s first river session in over thirty years. When the Carp prove illusive, Chilly seeks the advice of the local experts on rigs, tactics and baits for the river, before hooking into an unlikely personal best. This episode showcases the beauty of this massively underrated style of Carp fishing.
The Carp just won’t stop biting in this episode of Chilly On Carp, as Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott enjoys the best three mornings of fishing of his life. It’s springtime and the show has been invited to a relatively unfished syndicate water known to hold some monster Carp. Barely thirty seconds after casting out and the rod rips off, setting the tone for three days of havoc and giants. Chilly details the rigs and baiting tactics that he used not only on this incredible session, but throughout his illustrious carping career. This is one of those rare times that a fisherman doesn’t need to exaggerate.
Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott endures trials and tribulations in his pursuit of big Carp at CEMEX Angling’s famous North Lake, in this episode of Chilly On Carp. Hampshire’s Yateley complex is renowned in the UK Carp scene for its history of famous fisherman and fish. One such angler is local expert Nigel Sharpe, who joins Chilly to talk about chasing big Basil, perhaps the most famous Carp in the lake. Ian covers how to loose feed with the spod, and despite brutal weather conditions, manages to hook some beautiful Carp. This episode gives insight to the rich history and culture that surrounds British Carp fishing.


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