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Chilly On Carp 2

The second series of the ever-popular Ian Chilcott's Chilly on Carp show. Join Ian as he explores the UK and further afield, taking on his fishy foe in a wide range of conditions and situations.

As usual, Ian doesn't keep his enormous knowledge to himself, but shares a wealth of hints, tips and the sectrets of a veteren angler. Even after years of carp fishing Chilly's enthusiasm for the sport remains undiminshed and this comes through in all that he does
Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is at the Stour Valley Fishing Complex in Kent for this episode of Chilly On Carp, using every trick up his sleeve to catch beautiful small water Carp. Loggies Lake is one of the more beautiful lakes at Stour Valley. As a day ticket fishery, it may require a little more cunning to tempt these cunning specimens, but it just goes to prove that you don’t need a club membership to fish a classically beautiful English Carp lake. As is often the case, it just isn’t happening for Chilly in the first swim, but a smart move up the bank puts him on to some fish moving on the surface. With a little intelligent change of tactics and some opportunistic fishing, the buzzers start to sing, and Chilly finishes on one of the most beautiful Carp you’re ever likely to see.
In this special episode of Chill on Carp, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott returns to an old stomping ground of his youth, the Basingstoke Canal, to try and catch its illusive wild canal Carp. It’s 36 years since Chilly came to the canal for the first time and things are looking a lot more promising. It’s a far cry from the usual well-stocked syndicate lake, but he fancies a spot where some water flows into canal from the nearby nature reserve. Chilly really is up against it. Fishing through line jamming weed, bait stealing ducks and some classic, never-ending English drizzle, some good-sized Carp finally move in on Chilly’s baits...
In this episode of Chilly On Carp, we join Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott on his summer holiday in Devon, as he goes stalking big Carp on a small lake called Stenhil Fishery. Neither a day ticket nor a syndicate water, Stenhil is a holiday destination, reserved for those residents of the on-site chalets. Chilly's not the only one enjoy the sun, as the Carp can be seen all over the lake basking on the surface. Nevertheless, things aren’t easy today, and our host must go back to the basics we all learn as children, stalking moving fish right in the edges. With a little perseverance, Chilly soon gets into some scale-perfect Carp of epic proportions.
This is what Carp fishing is supposed to be. In this episode of Chilly On Carp, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott get’s a chance to fish a secret river in the south of England for some of the most beautiful little wild Carp in the country. It’s the first day of the river season in the middle of June, and these fish are essentially untouched. Nestled quietly among the bushes, Chilly spots a plethora of fish species feeding in a tiny pool, including two or three nice carp. They immediately come on the feed, which in the gin-clear, shallow water is like fishing in an aquarium. Close quarters stalking...this is perhaps the purest form of Carp fishing.
Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott spends three very successful days on the famous Mangrove Lake in Shropshire in this episode of Chilly On Carp, as a guest of his good mate and fishery owner Tim Paisley. The Mangrove Lake is not only famous for its big, quality Carp, but for its role as a pioneering lake in northern Carp fishing since it was established by Tim in the 1980’s. Tactics for the day are to follow the wind, where food from across the lake is blowing under the comfort of the snaggy trees and weed beds. It seems like Chilly’s experience has paid off, as several huge Carp find their way to the bank over the coming days.
Warwick Avon
It doesn’t get much better than the Warwickshire Avon. In this episode of Chilly On Carp, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott has a vendetta to overcome, he needs to catch his first ever UK river Carp. Beginning at the famous Warwick Castle, Chilly finds what he thinks is the perfect spot among some attractive lily pads. The location may be ideal, and the sun may be shining, but there’s a lot to endure on this session. Through screaming boaters, dog walkers, lost fish and monsoon level rain storms, Chilly grits his teeth and ends on a monumental session that might just kick off a career of river carping.
In this episode of Chilly On Carp, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott heads across the channel to Abbey Lakes in Picardie, France for some gigantic Carp fishing. While Chillies French may leave something to be desired, the venue certainly does not. Located just north of Paris, Abbey lakes is a mainstay in French Carp fishing, a country unanimously considered the best in the world for the species. Fox lake in particular has Chilly very excited. With a lake record of over 70 pounds and an average size of between 30 and 45 pounds, it’s clear why thousands of Carp-hungry brits flock over every year. With this in mind, our host needs to bring out the big guns and employ every tactic he has in his back pocket to get one of these monsters to the bank.
Chilly is a Kid in a candy shop in this episode of Chilly On Carp, as he gets an entire Essex syndicate Carp lake all to himself. Big fish on big English lakes with no distractions, this is heaven for the Carp fisherman. It’s late spring and the Carp are coming on the feed heavy. Chilly begins by dropping knowledge developed from years in the game, discussing the watercraft and theories behind bait placement over structures like silt beds and gravel clearings. The plan certainly pays off, as Carp after Carp grace the landing net throughout the trip. Just when you think it’s all over, as is often the case, one absolute monster of Carp rings the alarm as Chilly starts to pack up.
Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott is at Patching Pond in Sussex in this episode of Chilly On Carp, using all his best tricks to tempt a big, cold water Carp. Its winter so things can be tricky but with a good head of Carp in the lake, Chilly hopes to get the fish competing for his bait. Stocked by Donald Leney in the early 1960s, Patching is one of Chilly's favourite lakes and he talks us through swim selection, pre baiting, winter stalking and all the tactics you'll need to put fish on the bank. Don't just take his word for it, check out these beauties!
In part two of this winter tale, Chilly On Carp follows Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott to Somerset in the depths of winter to brave the cold in pursuit of big Carp. The UK has just experienced the mother of all cold snaps. The temperature has dropped 16 degrees overnight, the rod rings are frozen shut and most men would think that was that, but not our Chilly. Ash Pond fisheries has defrosted and its big Carp are free for the taking. Once again, Chilly resorts to an old favourite of every winter Carp man; the maggot, and with a little perseverance manages to prove that whatever the place, whatever the time, there is always a fish to be caught somewhere.
This episode of Chilly On Carp is an ode to the beloved maggot, as Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott visits Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire for some Carp fishing deep in a British winter. They may not be the most celebrated animal, but fishing wouldn’t be the same without maggots. Often underappreciated by Carp fisherman, the colder winter months in which nuisance species hunker down offer a chance for the Carp to get at these tasty morsels. To best take advantage of this, Chilly sheds light on his favourite lesser-known tricks when it comes to fishing maggots, and proves his worth with some big beautiful Carp on the bank.


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