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Cemex Angling Ultimate Quarry

Cemex was once the biggest holder of fishing rights in the UK, with some incredible fish and some amazing venues.

The network of fisheries was broken up and sold off in the years 2012 - 2014, but don't miss this beautifully made spotlight on some of the most famous waters in the portfolio, starring some of the country's top anglers.
Ian Russell is your guide to probably the best water for big common carp in the country.  
Terry Hearn is fishing on Yately Lake. After a nice 23lb carp, he sits down and talks about some of his early campaigns on the complex and how he caught his first 40lb carp, Basil. In 1996, Terry started fishing Wraysbury and here he discusses his campaign there in detail,  how he approached a water much larger than he was used to, and the clues he learnt along the way that led to his famous capture of Mary. At 55lb 13oz, Terry Hearn broke the British record with Mary and held it for 2 years until another Wraysbury angler, Kev Cummins broke it again with Mary at 56lb 6oz. To watch this fascinating insight into the mindset of a true carping legend, just register or login now.  
Ash Bradbury tackles one of the UK's toughest carp waters - and has a right result.  
Join Jerry Hammond on opening day at perhaps the toughest carp fishing venue of them all...  
Solar Tackle's Martin Locke discusses carp rigs and tactics as we spotlight on one of CEMEX's top day ticket waters.  
A tour of the iconic Wraysbury No1 Pit, home of British carp and tench records, but tough as old boots!  
Find out about how CEMEX, the country's biggest controller of stocked angling venues, creates so many fantastic waters.  
Jerry Hammond catches a high 'thirty' for the cameras at the tough Fox Pool - includes fabulous underwater footage.  
Ben Hamilton gives a guided tour of the most famous CEMEX water of all, home to some of the country’s most sought-after and biggest carp.  
Featuring quite stunning underwater footage of some huge fish, part one of this 12-part series presented by Jon Bannister, spotlights the famous Horton Church Lake.


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