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Carp Wars 2

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The super-popular competitive carp fishing show returns for a second season, with a few familiar faces and a few new ones. Lining up in the race for the Carp Wars 2 title are: Ian Russell, Dave Lane, Lee Morris, Iain Macmillan and this year's rookie, Steven 'The Preparator' Coe.
The first match-up in the new season sees the two new boys face off: Iain 'The Tuition Magician' Macmillan takes on Dave 'The General' Levy. Both anglers are looking for a strong start: the gloves are off and they come out swinging.
This is what Carp Wars is all about. The youngest angler in the competition, this year's rookie Steven Coe, enters the battlefield and it is straight in at the deep end for the 17 year-old, as he's against not only a Carp Wars veteran, but the machine Ian Russell. Steven ...
Last year's runner-up Dave Lane means business this year, but he's up against one the best carpers in the land, Lee 'Mozza' Morris. Lee's new to Carp Wars this year, but that's no reason to write him off, despite Laney's impressive pedigree.
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