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Arctic Waters

Arctic Waters is a fantastic new series from fishing crazed country, Finland where over half of the population actually go fishing!  The team which includes Juhani Henriksson and Hollywood actor, Jasper Paakonnen visit various locations in Finland, Sweden, Russia and beyond. The show not only showcases some fantastic destinations and demonstrates successful fishing techniques but also highlights environmental issues in these areas and shows the local culture and the experience you can expect visiting there.  Arctic Waters is a mixture of fly fishing and lure angling in rivers, lakes and the saltwater. The series is presented in Finnish with English subtitles and some English speakers appearing.
Arctic Waters, Vikings actor Jasper Pääkkönen joins the Arctic Waters team on a Patagonia fly fishing adventure. Patagonia is a fisherman’s paradise and although the journey is a long one it is evident to see just how excited the guys are when they finally reach their final destination. Jasper and the team are the guests of Los Buitreras lodge on the prolific Rio Gallegos river and they are hoping to be treated to some spectacular fly fishing action during their stay. In true Argentinian style each evening the guys experience the level of hospitality that this region is famed for, as they sit down to some spectacular traditional meals and of course the odd glass of red wine. Back on the river, the local guides are trying their best to find the guys some of the trophy sized fish that run the Rio Gallegos river each season. With the best flies out of the box and on the end of the line who will be the first person to get their hands on a ten pound plus fish? Patagonia fly fishing is amongst the best in the world and the sea trout of the Rio Gallegos are no exception, after watching this episode you too could be looking for your own Patagonia fly fishing adventure. Part 1 of 2   To watch just login or join  
If you want to experience some of the best grayling fishing Sweden has to offer, the river Kaitum ar Tjuonajokk will take some beating. The destination for the Arctic Waters team in this episode is so remote, they have to be helicoptered in. Tjuonajokk in the north of Sweden is inside the Arctic Circle, and the team stay in a camp that offers only the most basic of facilities. Here emphasis is placed on nourishing one's soul and living at one with the environment, even if it is rugged and inhospitable. What is has got going for it, and the reason why it attracts so many visitors every year, is one of the last untouched rivers in the world, the Kaitum, which is famous for its Grayling. Needless to say the guys have a pretty special time and show exactly why grayling fishing at Tjuonajokk in Sweden is just so incredible. To watch this video now, just login or register
The intrepid Arctic Waters team head to Lakselv in northern Norway, ready to try their hand at a variety of fishing. First up they take a boat out into the Arctic Ocean hoping to catch some monster Cod or Halibut, however stormy waters force them back and they have to start fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Lakselva River a little earlier than planned. This too proves tougher than they imagined, but even though the fish prove somewhat elusive, they all agree that it's still easy to enjoy a trip such as this, when the scenery is so beautiful and they are in good company. To watch this video now, just login or register
The Arctic Waters team embark on an epic voyage to the Åland Islands to target the plentiful Baltic Sea perch that inhabit these unique brackish waters. The team are lucky enough to be staying in a fantastic B&B that is a stone throw away from the water and with no shortage of locals willing to share their knowledge with them, they really couldn't ask to be in a better spot. The Baltic Sea perch isn't the only fish on the agenda as these waters are home to a multitude of other freshwater species from Sea Trout and Salmon to Pike and Zander, it's these predators that the team are targeting, casting lures from small boats. This episode looks at how with sustainable management the Baltic Sea perch, Zander and pike can be harvested and used to feed the local people on these healthy and extremely tasty fish. The guys use a variety of techniques including drop shot, jig fishing and fly fishing in their search for the three main predator species that they are after, but it is the Baltic Sea perch that seems the most willing to co-operate and good numbers are landed each day. To watch just login or register (
The Arctic waters team have traveled to Finland’s river Kuhmo, this trip gives the guys a chance to relax and learn about this very special area. The trout fishing in this part of Finland is excellent and the numbers of lakes and rivers endless. One of the things that makes the fishing in this area and especially the river Kuhmo so good is the huge amount of environmental work being done here. Kuhmo rapids are the largest rapids improvement project in Finland and the improvements seen in both the fauna and flora is very evident. In this episode the guys have a real celebration of both old and young as they are joined by both Jasper Pääkkönen’s father Seppo and Jani’s daughter Nelda. It is Seppo’s 60th birthday and because he was originally from this area, he is very pleased to be back for this very important date in his life. Ten year old Nelda is proving to be a chip off the old block and is using this chance to learn as much as she possibly can. The guys spend some time with the volunteers who work on the river Kuhmo and its connecting streams, they learn about the project and why it is so important to the river’s future. To watch just login or register (
Juhani Henriksson and his Arctic Waters team continue their fantastic kharlovka Salmon fishing trip on the Kola Penninsular in Russia. One of the guides 'Big Alex' has become a favourite with the guys and they spend a special day with him on a unique stretch of water, where they are into fish after fish. The kharlovka fishing offers some great battles and plenty of ones that get away. In one of the famous kharlovka Salmon fishing pools, Jari manages to net a 35lb plus fish which means he is presented with a commemorative ring, only 5 or 6 of which get given out each year making this a very special episode. Part 2 of 2
The Arctic Waters team head off on another epic adventure, this time to the Kharlovka River on the Kola Peninsular in Russia. They are staying in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve camp in isolated splendour. kharlovka fishing is amongst the best Atlantic Salmon fishing in the world with many giant silver bars being caught by anglers each season. The team are to be the first guests of the year and are royally looked after, not only by the camp's chef and his team but also by the kharlovka fishing guides, whose expert knowledge and experience of the area means that they are into the returning salmon in no time at all. Part 1 of 2
Juhani Henriksson and his Arctic Waters team head north in this episode, 300km inside the Arctic Circle to Lapland Hide a small resort that claims to be in "the middle of nowhere" and just about is. They are here with some guys from the WWF exploring the sustainability of salmon in Finland's northernmost rivers and how to increase their numbers in rivers across the whole country. Although remote, Lapland Hide does boast electricity and gourmet food prepared by an award winning chef, so they aren't exactly slumming it. Oh and there are some excellent Salmon and Whitefish to be caught in the Lätäseno River that runs past the back door.
The wind has got up to storm levels but "Vikings" superstar Jasper Pääkkönen and the Arctic Waters team are still enjoying their Patagonia fishing no matter what the weather throws at them. They're guests at Los Buitreras lodge on the Rio Gallegos, run by Swedish fly fishing fanatic Rikki Sjöberg. Patagonia fishing is famed for its huge sea run trout and many new personal bests get broken whilst the team are fishing the Rio Gallegos. The team are in for a treat as once they finish their Patagonia fishing adventure, we also follow them on a trip deep into the South American jungle in search of Golden Dorado. Part 2 of 2 To watch just login or register
The pilot episode in a new series called Arctic Waters. In this episode the team visit two rivers in Northern Finland reknowned for their great fishing, the Tornio and the Ounas. This area is well set up for the travelling fisherman and their families with many lodges available during summer and it needs to be as Finland boasts the highest fishing participation level for fishing worldwide as over 50% of the population do so. The Ounas was once famed for salmon but due to obstacles the salmon no longer run but it remains a haven for trout and arctic grayling. The team and experts discuss the potential of the Ounas as a salmon river...could they thrive here again? The Tornio, on the other hand is possibly the most famous baltic salmon river in Finland with over up to 100,000 salmon spawning in the river each year. The rod catch isn't bad either with 10-20,000 caught on the river annually. The river is wide in places so must be fished with a boat but offers great opportunities for both fly and lure anglers. The show is presented in Finnish with English subtitles.


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