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This playlist contains 2 great series with Alex Bones teaming up with match experts to demonstrate how best to pole and feeder fish
In this impartial, instructional series top England international feeder angler Alex Bones looks at all aspects of feeder fishing from bombs to pva, cones to cages. Along the way he gets help from other top anglers, including five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne and Darren Cox. This popular 4 part series visits a variety of the UK's finest fishing venues along the way, and targets several different species including carp and bream.
Paste is one of the most popular baits on commercial fisheries and the best way to fish it is on the pole. However, fishing paste can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it and in this film Alex Bones shows you the simple route to success. With nothing more than a bag of pellets and half a bag of groundbait, Alex demonstrates paste fishing made easy on the Thames Pool on Phase Three at Makins Fishery. It's a typical Snake Lake that contains a good head of carp and Alex explains the best areas of the swim to target, how to prepare the paste, rigs and the feeding techniques required to catch more fish on this deadly bait. To watch this film, just login or register
The method and pellet feeder are arguably two of the most devastating feeder fishing tactics for catching huge weights of fish! In this impartial, instructional¬†programme England International Feeder Angler Alex Bones reveals exactly how he sets each of these feeder rigs up as well as detailing what baits you need and how to prepare them perfectly every time! Each intricate detail is covered from clipping up to loading the feeders and playing fish correctly, to ensure you put more fish in your net on your next session. Our star talks rods and reels too as he demonstrates the ins and outs of these methods at the manor complex in Evesham, Worcestershire.  
Current England Interantional Des Shipp is regarded by many as one of the finest pole anglers this country has ever produced. This is even more true when we're talking about catching silver fish, so join him and Alex Bones at the viaduct fishery where these two top anglers give a masterclass in pole fishing. To make the day even more interesting, Alex fishes the modern way of feeding pellets and uses an expander pellet on the hook while Des adopts a more traditional groundbait, worm and caster approach. See how the different baits produce different bags of fish and, as usual, there's plenty of instruction, hints and tips to help you become a better pole angler.    
There are few things more exhilarating in pole fishing than hooking a double-figure carp and winning the battle. Join Alex Bones and his special guest, ex England International Darren Cox, as they tackle arguably the best big-fish water for pole anglers in the UK, the specimen lake at Maver Larford Lakes. Everything is covered from the best areas of the swim to target, the best baits and feeding patterns to use and, crucially, what tackle to use to tame these beasts! You can't fail to become a better pole angler after watching Alex and Darren in action and catching some of the lumps that Larford is famous for.  
Pole fishing is the preferred technique on many commercial venues across the country. In this highly informative 5hr long, 4 part series, top matchman Alex Bones teams up with a number of the UK's best match anglers including Des Shipp, Darren Cox and Grant Albutt. Alex kicks off the series by looking at Paste Fishing which has become the go to bait for many match anglers before fishing with Darren Cox and learning how to target big fish. Des Shipp joins Alex for masterclass in catching silver fish before the series wraps up with tactics on shallow water venues with Grant Albutt. The Truth about Pole Fishing is a great resource with a wealth of information for every pole angler for who can pass up unbiased advice from the country's top match anglers? To watch this series, just login or register
Alex Bones and five-times world champion Alan Scotthorne visit Doncaster's Hayfield Lakes complex for a masterclass in cage feeder and summer bomb fishing. Alan takes on the challenge of fishing the cage feeder, while the duo plunder the colourful residents of this magical venue! Everything is covered from bait to rigs to rods and making the most of a correct setup, while Alex puts an exclusive carp-catching twist on fishing the bomb. If your results are in need of a boost then you simply cannot afford to miss this action-packed, informative step-by-step guide to becoming a better feeder angler.  
Feeder fishing superstar Alex Bones invites his special guest and England International Darren Cox, out for a bream fishing head-to-head. Set in the picturesque surrounding of Coombe Abbey and Jubilee Pools, in the West Midlands, the pair pit traditional tactics against 'new'. Darren demonstrates the effectiveness of an open-ended feeder approach while Alex concentrates on the method feeder. The duo assess the pros and cons of each, and when adopting one over the other will pay dividends. There's plenty of fish-catching action too and, more importantly, you can't fail to become a better feeder angler if you put Alex and Darren's tips into practice. Simple!  
In this instructional 'How To' DVD guide, Alex Bones demonstrates the art of winter Bomb and PVA fishing. Filmed at one of the West Midlands finest commercial carp waters Alex puts his theories into practice to help you land more winter carp than ever before. The Bomb is a tactic many assume is a 'chuck it and chance it' style but, as Alex demonstrates, there's quite a bit more to it if you want to be successful. Then it's a switch of tactics to demonstrate PVA fishing - what is it? how does it work? how can you get the most from it? All these questions are answered along with many, many more in this action-packed DVD!  
The pole is now the dominant method on many commercial venues across the country and in this highly informative and action-acked show, the first in the series, Alex Bones is joined by top match angler Grant Albutt on the house Pool at the awesome Tunnel Barn complex to show you how to master shallow fishing tactics - If there's one pole fishing method that will produce fish after fish, this is it! To put an extra salnt on the day, Alex fishes the pellet while Grant, arguably the best angler in the country at this style of fishing, uses the lesser known slop method. For plenty of action, tips and information, join the duo as they fill their nets with F1s and Carp.  


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