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Salmon and Trout

Rae Borras passes on advice for the business end of your salmon spinning set-up... including swivels, leaders and weights.  
Game Fisher's Diary's Rae Borras passes on some great advice for those thinking about trying salmon fishing.  
Rae Borras talks about the requirements you need from a reel to be used for spinning for salmon.  
The spoons and spinners you need to get you started in salmon fishing.  
Boat angler Jim Whippy shows how to tie up one of his favourite set-ups for spinning for bass.  
Cody and the team are competing with sea lions, other anglers and adverse weather conditions to snag themselves a March Chinook salmon from the Columbia River.  
Kokanee are landlocked sockeye salmon, and in the face of dwindling returns and lower harvest limits many anglers are turning to these lake-dwelling salmon as a way to find sport and fill the freezer. Cody travells to Odell Lake, one of the best Kokanee fisheries, to try to find out which patterns and tactics work for these choosy fish.  
Match angler Emma Pickering has never been salmon fishing before, but she is in excellent hands as Rae Borras guides her to her first fish.  
Join Mozz and Hooch, or Adrian and Kelly as their mothers know them, two larger than life anglers from the Australian island of Tasmania as they take part in the Tasmania Classic Trout Competition, a lure fishing tournament in the famous New Norfolk trout fishery. They meet the local Lord Mayor, then head out onto the water to pit their skills(?) against those of the locals.  
The troublesome twosome are back out early in the morning to witness the shotgun start of the day’s fishing and their motor racing pedigree comes in handy for some off the cuff motorsports commentary before they get back down to the serious business of catching some of Tasmania’s famous trout. These guys really know how to enjoy their fishing, and they make sure to stop and have a friendly chat with their fellow competitors, and the excitement all gets too much for Hooch, who decides to cool off.  


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