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The latest conservation and environmental films and videos that highlight the threats to fish and their habitats and the efforts made to help them.
Most anglers around the world will know what an incredible fishing paradise the Florida Keys are and this fantastic film tells the story of conservation and sustainability there over the past 100 years. This unique ecosystem exists where the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meets and is home to a vast array of fish and wildlife species. We'll learn how the freshwater from the Everglades, one of the world's largest wetlands, directly impacts the reef systems of the Keys, which is home to over 6000 species of fish. We meet some of the dedicated conservationists who continue to inspire residents and visitors to join the movement of voluntourism and learn about some of the programs that have been developed to protect the Keys. From coral replanting to the creation of artificial reefs by scuttling ships, there are numerous active schemes that are helping to keep the environment healthy. We learn about the history of sportfishing in the Keys and Capt Will Benson explains how angling methods and attitudes have changed in recent years, especially with a much higher emphasis on catch and release. There's also some great fishing sequences as we head out with local guide, Richard Stanzcyk who manages to get a double Sailfish hook up! This is a wonderful film which shows off the Florida Keys in all its glory and highlights what an important environment it is to protect.
Fishing the Fitzroy Net Free celebrates the success of a campaign by anglers and conservationists in the Rockhampton area of Queensland, Australia that has turned the Fitzroy River system into a net free zone. The commercial netting of fish, that over the past 20 years has decimated fish numbers in the system, has now been banned and indigenous species such as Barramundi, King Threadfin and Saratoga are thriving once more. Anglers are requested to adhere to a daily limit, but seem quite happy to do so, as the size of fish they are catching is steadily increasing, as is the new business generated by fishing tourists, attracted to the area. To watch this video now, just login or register
When settlers first arrived at Lake Ontario, they found Atlantic Salmon there in quite prodigious numbers. However by the 1890's with gross overfishing and the industrialisation of the landscape man had completely wiped them out. This film charts a modern day conservation program that is trying to re-introduce a genetically related version of the species back into the lake and its river system. It is beautifully shot and combines historical archive with testimony from scientists, conservationists and anglers, all trying to re-establish The Forgotten Salmon. To watch this video now, just login or register
'Una - the One' is a powerful documentary about the 'holy river' of Bosnia-Herzogovina, the Una. This river, which the Romans found so beautiful that they named it 'The One', is home to a remarkable diversity of habitats, and an equally large diversity of fish species, including brown trout, grayling and hucho, also known as the danube salmon. These fish, which are more or less unique to the region, can grow to astonishing sizes and present a challenge to any fly angler. But like many rivers in Europe, the shadow of a proposed damming project, which would dramatically alter the river's flow, looms large, and with this one of the last unadulterated hucho habitats in the world is under threat. Can a group of passionate anglers save the river from irreparable damage?
Atlantic Salmon Lost at Sea is an incredible documentary which took 6 years to make and charts the progress of a major investigation into what happens to juvenile salmon once they leave the rivers and head to sea. Shot on land and in sea going vessels in several locations, the film sheds some light into why we are seeing reduced stocks of wild Atlantic Salmon and suggests some routes forward. Narrated by Hollywood actor Gabriel Byrne, this is must watch viewing for anyone concerned with the plight of salmon. To watch this film, login or register now
The Susitna River is the 15th largest in the USA and its watershed provides habitat for countless species, including salmon. Tourism and fishing create $200 million each year on the Susitna. The planners say that the dam is above the reach of salmon, but The Super Salmon, a tagged fish, begged to differ, completing an epic journey of 300 miles to the very headwaters of the river, dodging countless dangers and obstacles, only to swim all the way back downstream and out to sea.  


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