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Matt Hayes

A collection of Matt Hayes' highly acclaimed series, including two series of 24 Hour Rod Race and his adventures in Canada with German angler Babs Kijewski. Multi-species, multi-discipline... is there anything this guy can't catch, or any method he's not the master of?
All-round angler and fishing legend Matt Hayes, and livewire German angler Babs Kijewski are on the fishing road-trip of a lifetime in the wild places of Canada. They're in Ontario, home to 10% of the planet's fresh water, and going after some truly iconic species - musky, pike, carp, walleye, brook trout, and salmon.
Matt Hayes is set a series of challenges by the editor of the Angling Times. He has 24 hours to complete each one, using only his native wit and broad range of fishing skills. He’s up against the clock, the conditions, and the whims of the fish.
Matt Hayes returns to the Coarse and Match Fishing Channel with a second series of the 24 Hour Rod Race. This series sees him take on six fresh challenges in locations as diverse as the Wye Valley and the UK Canal network... the challenges are, if anything, harder than Season One and really put Matt's all round fishing skills to the test.
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