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New British Record

Anonymous angler lands Uk’s biggest ever carp

News reached FishingTV offices that the carp fishing history was made at the legendary Redmire Pool overnight. The monster, a never-seen-before behemoth – tipped the scales at 69lb 05oz, making it the largest carp ever caught in the UK. The fish was landed by a first-time fisherman named Rodney Bent.

Speaking to FishingTV’s intrepid reporter, the lucky angler said “This was my first ever fishing trip, and my first ever carp, so the fact that it’s a UK record is amazing. To be honest, up until the point where the fish took the bait I wasn’t enjoying myself.”

When asked if he the experience had changed his opinion on that matter, the fisherman replied “No. If you ask me carp fishing is a complete waste of time. I shall not complain if I never spend another minute carp fishing.”

The record-breaking fish was returned to the lake unharmed, having first been named Moby, after Rod’s favourite artist.


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