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World Fishing Day 2018 Live Event

World Fishing Day 2018 is now finished. If you missed it, please register to watch the replay

World Fishing Day 2018 is the first ever attempt to bring anglers all over the world together to celebrate the joys of angling, bring new people into the sport, and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives. How it works Viewers will be able to watch the live 24-hour global broadcast via the FishingTV platform, available as an app for smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, set-top boxes and online. To watch the broadcast you must first register (free) with FishingTV - Register to watch the live broadcast During our the show we’ll visit over 20 locations to showcase the incredible diversity of fishing cultures and opportunities that the world has to offer. Hosted from a studio in London, the action will begin in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, before following the sun around the world, finally ending in Alaska. Each location will stream for six hours over the course of the day, with a few special exceptions – more on that later. We’ll be focussing on the most iconic and popular sport fish in each location, as well as looking at conservation issues and the work of fishing charities and organisations in using fishing to promote healthy lifestyles, mental wellbeing, and an understanding of nature. The feeds will feature local fishing experts and celebrities, sharing their passion, knowledge and skill with the world.  
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