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Five Inspiring Fly Fishing Films

A selection spine-tingling movies

It is easy to think of fishing as a slow, passive activity, for which you need the patience of a saint and in which nothing very much happens. We at Fishing TV think that this could not be further from the truth, and to help us prove our point, here are five fishing films that show just how exciting a sport it can be, whether it is due to the incredible, remote, wild locations that it takes you to, or the amazing species that you can catch, or just the friendships that you can make.

In this selection we take in Iceland, the USA, a deserted coral atoll in the Gulf of Mexico, and meet fish ranging from tiny mountain trout to enormous Mako sharks.


Yow – Icelandic for Yes      

Yow -Icelandic for yes

Iceland, the original land of Ice and Fire, land of mythology and mystery, and home to some of the best Atlantic Salmon fishing anywhere in the world. What it isn’t so famous for is surfing. But in this film transatlantic buddies Scott, from Montana, and Elli, from Iceland, go in search of “the Yow” – a feeling that prokes a wild yell of triumph and joy – by surfing Icelands chilly seas and fishing its crystal clear rivers for salmon. If this doesn’t get your heart racing, go see a doctor, because you might be dead.



There are numerous tales of how fishing has helped people to recover, both physically and mentally, from life-changing accidents. Tidewater is just such a story: Art Webb suffered a near-fatal rock climbing fall, and it was fly fishing for one of the fastest and most beautiful predatory fish in the ocean – marlin – that helped him to recreate the adrenaline rush that climbing had once offered.


Scorpion Reef



Six fly fishing mad friends set out on a self-guided flats fishing adventure to a deserted atoll in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Rarely visited, there’s not much on the islands but a few abandoned huts, but they’re not there for the luxury accommodation – they’re there for the incredible, untouched fishing.


Journey On



Who hasn’t dreamed of quitting their job and going on a roadtrip in a vintage motorhome? That’s exactly what fly fishing obsessed film-makers Chase and Aimee did. They sold up and left their hometown to head to Montana, a fly fishing Mecca, by way of Yellowstone, to fish for golden trout.



For the Sport of It



Sharks and humans have a… tricky relationship. And when it comes to anglers and sharks the relationship can only be described as antagonistic – for decades anglers proudly killed any sharks that they caught. But today some fly fishermen are using their sport to help protect sharks


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